Monday, November 14, 2011

MIA Conference...

...whew! We survived the first MIA conference!!! It was a huge success. We definitely have things we can improve upon but let's focus on the great things, ok?

Wonderful bloggie friends who volunteered and dealt with crazy people named Summer!
Moms and step-sis who volunteered and handled the busy registration table!
Cookies, cookies and more cookies! Seriously, we had SO many cookies it wasn't even funny! These were cookies we had made to give to the speakers and sponsors as thank yous.
Wonderful doctors in our community!
A community full of support!
Generous Dr. Simckes from Fertility Partnership who gifted a FREE IVF cycle...on an IOU card! This couple won and they were the sweetest-I'm so happy for them!
After the conference, one couple (who none of us knew) came up to myself and the two other founders and gave us hugs and thanked us. It was truly just an amazing experience and something I'm so glad I'm a part of! I've already got ideas of where to have the conference next year and how we can improve on it. But first, I need like three days to sleep and recover and THEN we'll start planning for next year.

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Hilary Lane said...

How exciting for the couple that won the IVF! It looks like you did a ton of work & I'm glad it paid off!