Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby G at 21 Weeks!!!

...last Thursday, Matt and I got to see the baby at 21 weeks! It was a pretty awesome experience. However, we only got to take home headshots because we didn't bring our own disc and we didn't find out the sex. There were some super cool shots of the spine but these are my favorite that we got:
This one was in 3D. The little turkey had his back to us so we had to wake him up so we could get a face shot. It was so precious because we got to see him yawning!!! He also had his hand across his face like, "Come on guys, let me sleep!" And look at that tiny ear!
The tech said the whole time she was chasing him around to get measurements and pics but when the faceshot came, he was like good night! Now we know for next time to bring our own disc and we can bring home a lot more pictures.

The appointment went...okay. Well, it went great for the baby but just okay for me. All looked well with the baby, heart rate was 151 and he weighed one pound. Yes, I keep saying he but I have no idea, it's just intuition that it's a boy.

Now my part of the appointment...well, she finally got on me about my weight, she did give me credit that it had been the holidays but moving forward I really need to watch what I'm eating. Of course, I bummed around about that all day but what can you do? I'm going to start walking and trying to eat more fruits/veggies. I know the holidays and all their desserts really took their toll on me. Hopefully a few changes and I'll have the weight thing under control! Please keep the prayers coming for Baby G and me. 


Liz said...

Wow, those are some awesome photos!

Don't beat yourself up about the weight. Not only was it the holidays, but having a high-risk pregnancy is also stressful. And, every woman's body is different. I've been horrible about my eating habits and am expecting a mini-lecture from my doc this Friday.

Also, not to skew you one way or the other, but when we found out we were having a boy, his heart rate was 132. I've heard anything below 140 tends to indicate boy, and anything higher is a girl. Of course, all of our appointments UNTIL that one had the heart rate at 160 or 165, so who knows. It's pretty much 50/50 either way!

Slamdunk said...

A great day and thanks for sharing. Sounds like you def got a runner in there.