Friday, January 27, 2012

If Baby G is a boy...

...we have his name picked out! Well, we've had it for awhile. This is a name we'd decided on when we first starting trying and then we didn't discuss it the whole time we went through fertility treatments and when we found out we were pregnant, we STILL didn't discuss it much.

I didn't want to find out the sex and I didn't want to tell names. Matt wanted both. So we compromised and agree to NOT find out the sex but we could tell names. It was kind of a win-win for me because Matt had already been telling people our boy name!!! So without further ado...if Baby G is a boy, his name will be Gunnar Jackson.

Matt really wanted the name Hunter for a boy but I denied that. 1. Because every other of his friends has a child (both male and female) by the name of Hunter and 2. I thought it was a little too cliche since Matt loves to hunt. I absolutely LOVE the name Gunnar because I only know 2 other people by that name (one in college and one my dad's age). I think it's unique but not too crazy and it means "battle warrior." I worry that it might be a bit cliche too with the hunting theme but I got over that quickly. Jackson is both my dad and my grandfather's middle name. I got the middle family name since the baby is taking on his last name.

At Christmas, we told our families our boy name (and this is probably why we're a bit more hesitant on settling on a girls name and telling people; hence the whole reason I didn't want to tell names in the first place!). Here's how everyone reacted:

Matt's mom, sis & brother-LOVED IT!
Matt's dad-"Well, I guess I'll get used to it."
Matt's Grandma-"Well that's a good German name." (It's actually Scandinavian but we didn't correct her.) Five minutes later when the name was mentioned again, "What kind of name is that???"
My dad, sis, niece & grandma-LOVED IT!
My mom-likes Gunnar, hates Jackson (go figure! and is now trying to push a family middle name from her side on the girl name and also argued that it wasn't fair to Matt's family)

Some people we've told will say, "Gunther?" which makes me think of the barista from "Friends." But I don't care because that's our boy name and Matt and I both absolutely LOVE IT!!! In fact, we call the baby Gunnar more often than not, so should this baby come out a girl, she's not going to be very happy with us!


Julie said...

My mother in law is pushing names and is getting her way with her daughter but I've put my foot down and said "no way". Her name is Patricia Lynn and named her kids Lisa Lynn and Tracy Lynn. So when Lisa became pregnant she told her that she had better carry the Lynn middle name or she wouldn't support the child(ren). So Lisa, who can't stand up to her mom, named the first Kaitlyn McKenzie and the 2nd will now be Skylar Lynn.

She has now told me that its time for me to carry on the middle name and I said no, I'm not a fan of that name and I have my own names and people I want to honor. So she said "no one ever honors me" and I looked at her and just shook my head.

This lady is also upset Lisa's kids are not boys.

You won't please everyone and honestly you only need to please yourself. I like the name, its unique and I know no one with it! it be a girl, ha!

Slamdunk said...

You'll never make everyone happy, as long as you two are that is all that is really important.

My son has played sports with a Gunnar and he is a great kid. I like the name.

Alicia said...

Love the name! It is hard to please everyone so as long as you both love it that is all that matters! :)