Friday, January 20, 2012

Giveaway and Girl Names Needed!!!

...okay, all! Matt and I are doing massive cleaning and storing and packing and repacking of our house to make room for this little baby that's coming our way. In the process, I have found decorations that have been stored away and not pulled out since oh...2006 when I moved into my house!
We also need help with girl names!!! We have our boy name picked out (another post for later) but cannot agree on a girl name. Our front runner right now is Autumn but I have two drawbacks to this name:
1. Matt has a cousin named Autumn although in the 5+ years we've been together, I don't ever recall meeting her.
2. Is she going to resent being named Autumn but being born in the spring? Matt said, "No, she'll say, that's the ironic parents named me Autumn but I was born in the spring." I said, "Yeah right, she'll be like, No, my dumbass parents named me Autumn but I was born in the spring!" Matt was like our Autumn would never say that. I said, I bet that's one thing we can bet she'll say.
So here's the criteria...
1. Middle name is probably going to start with an R, either Rose or Rosalee.
2. Last name starts with a G.
3. Something different, but not too out there. I loved being the only Alyssa in my classes growing up but hated my name being pronounced wrong.
4. Nothing too if it's in the top 50, it's a no-go.
5. I would really like a G first name but so far haven't loved any G girl names i.e. Gretchen, Gia, Gina, Grace
I'm going to give one lucky commenter this wall hanging made by my momma. So please leave a comment with your best girl name suggestions! You have until 1/31 at 5pm to submit an entry for the giveaway but feel free to leave girl name suggestions whenever. I'll announce the winner on 2/1.
Thanks in advance for your help!


Megan said...

I love the name Amira. The 'mir' part is pronounced like the 'Mir' in mirror, and each 'a' sounds like 'uh'.

G names...Gianna, Ginger, Gabrielle/a, Gemma, Genevieve,

Liz said...

And this is why I was so happy to find out we were having a boy. I was completely stuck on girl names!

Front runners were: Samantha, Natalie, Olivia (Liv for short?), Victoria (Tori for short?).

The first two were vetoed b/c the hubs dated girls by those names. Sigh.

I also like the name Malia, since we're obsessed with all things Hawaiian.

Also love the name Kate. I just think that's a classic name.

Of course, I've always loved my name: Elizabeth. Even though it's somewhat popular, hardly anyone ever used the same nickname because there are so many: Liz, Lizzy, Libby, Beth, Betty

I can't think of any great G names.

Della Mac said...

My favorite G name is Graciella. I was going to use it because its a mixture of my First and middle name. She could be a gracie, ella, or ellie for short.

Beth said...

I still think that you should name her Ayla if baby is a girl. Ayla rose sounds good together. I also like for a g name Gabriella. You could call her Gabbie for short or Ella. I also love the name Adele!! I know I have already told you this stuff before but just thought I remind you!!!

Julie said...

Currently in my family of nieces there are Leena, Lainey, Grace, Addison and Kaitlyn. In May we will be adding Skylar (girl) to the mix.

Friends are interested in the names Samantha, Jonas, Dylan, Paul and Spencer.

I got a lot of pregnant friends, ha!

Anonymous said...

No matter her name, she will be a precious gift! Blessing to you!

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Graycin, Grayci for short. She can even shorten it to Gray when she gets older if she wants. Good luck choosing a name!!

Janine said...

A name starting with G...well as a good Italian Catholic,I'd have to go with Gianna after Saint Gianna Molla.
It ranks 66th on the social security popular baby names list.
So it's below the top 50, but not too weird.
God Bless

Hilary Lane said...

Oooh, G names are hard! My favorite is Grayson (Greyson) for a girl!

Britni said...

David and I talk about names about twice a year and we keep a running list for boys and girls :0) Our girl names are over running the list, but we can't seem to agree on any names for boys.

Anyway... I love names that start with vowels--Eve, Ava, Alexis, Avery--but of course, so does everyone else right now.

When you wrote that you were looking for G names, one instantly sprang to mind--Genevieve. I love this name, but David's vetoed it each time I bring it up :0) I also really like Grayson.

Happy name hunting!