Friday, October 5, 2012

Miss AR is 20 Weeks (5 Months)!!!

...This last month flew by but looking back, some stuff seemed so long ago! You are growing up so fast, it just totally amazes me!

*The night you turned 16 weeks, I decided not to swaddle you. You kept escaping and since you had become a rolling machine, I decided it was best. You nursed and laid down no problem but within 20 minutes, you'd rolled to your tummy which totally freaked Mommy out! I'd go in every 10-15 minutes to check on you. Right before we went to bed, Daddy rolled you to your back and you woke up. Grrr...I was NOT happy with him. Being out of the swaddle didn't help you sleep better and it was much harder to put you back to sleep because you'd lift your head up and look around. If I rolled you to your back, you'd roll right over to your tummy. Anyways, that night was good bye swaddle and hello sleepers! Here you are in your sleeper in your crib. It was a 3-6 month but it was quite big on you.
*The next day, the temperature dropped and you wore pants for the first time! You looked pretty stinking cue if I say so myself. We went to meet Grana and EB for breakfast. It was such a nice morning so we sat outside so good thing you had your pants on! You seemed to like the pants and thought they were funny.
*Your sleep got worst when we stopped swaddling you. After a LONG Sunday night, I called the pedi's office for advice. The nurse said I was doing everything right and the only thing she could suggest was swaddling you with your arms out. I tried that and you slept through the night 2 nights in a row! But then you went back to your old habits of waking up every few hours again. I tried to do everything the same but you just have a mind of your own!
*Ms. Pam's is going much better now that you're getting used to it. She got a picture of you and Beau (the other baby) holding hands. It even looked like you were kissing his hand although I'm sure you were just trying to chew on it!
*You "ran" your first ever 5k. You were such a good girl and just looked around taking everything in the whole time. Hopefully this is the start of your running career!
*You keep getting bug bites all over! It doesn't seem to bother you but Mommy hates seeing them. One night you had a big one on your cheek :-(
*You had your 4 month check-up and all looked well! You weighed approximately 14.4 lbs (you wouldn't sit still for a very accurate reading) which was the 50% percentile. You were 25 inches long which is the 80% percentile. I know you don't get that height from mom or dad so we think you must get it from your great grandpas on each grandma's side. You head was 41 centimeters-big head girl! The doctor also said you were very social which I agree. Probably because Nana and I are always in your face trying to get you to laugh!
*You love this little book because it crinkles and makes noise. When I told you that you were reading it upside down, you gave me this face:
*Anytime I take you somewhere, you smile...all the time, at everyone...its hilarious and I love it!
*You stayed out past your bedtime when we went to Light the Night last weekend. You were such a good girl.
*When you take a bath, you splash and splash and splash and chew your ducky like crazy! I've started using a second towel...for the floor.
*Your sleep is still not consistent. One night, you'll wake up once and the next night you'll wake up 4 times. We haven't done a night feeding since the week of Labor Day so usually I just give you the paci and you're back to bed. It's not so bad except when you get up every 15 minutes between 4am and 5am. The mornings I wake to your alarm is a rarity. But I've decided I would rather have a baby whose happy and sleeps bad than one that sleeps well but is crabby. You must be able to function on little sleep! You've been taking longer naps in the afternoon but not all the time.
*You officially started oatmeal (twice!) and you seem to like it. Your poop has gone from seedy to something different and you are pooping less. It kind of makes me sad because it means you're growing up. Tomorrow we're going to let you try carrots.
So much has changed in this past month. I feel like you went from a newborn to a baby with personality. Sometimes at night after you nurse, you'll push off my chest and grin at me. It amazes me because 5 short months ago, you would just lay in my arms. I love you so much sweet AR, more than you'll ever know. OXXO (not the store)


Julie said...

I cannot believe all these babies are growing so fast. Aye ye ye!

SLESE1014 said...

Oh...the poop really is a sign they are growing up.....I love the look she gave you with her book....hilarious!

Christy Duffy said...

You are going to be so happy you have these memories written down! Love the pictures; she's a beautiful little girl!