Saturday, October 6, 2012

PAT and 5 Months Pics...

...yesterday Mis AR turned 5 months. We had our first Parents As Teachers meeting. According to our PAT educator, AR is right on track and doing great! She was very impressed that she loved tummy time, in fact she couldn't believe it. She said she usually has to give parents the lecture of how important tummy time is. She also said that the floor is the best place to play, even over a jumperoo or Bumbo. She gave me tips on how to strength her back muscles so she could sit up (put a bowl full of toys between her legs, hold the bowl from sitting behind her. This will also help with hand/eye coordination) and showed me how to encourage her to crawl (we are SO not ready for that yet). She said she'd probably be an earlier crawler so I'd better get the house ready! She had mastered everything for 1-3 months and all but a couple things from 3-5 months. I'm so proud of my girl! She also said that I must be a reader because of the things I told her we did and how well AR was doing. When she left, it made me feel good like I was doing something right! If you have PAT in your school district, I highly recommend it. She'll come back in January for a screening and to see how AR is progressing.
Here are her 5 month photo shoot pics:

 Not sure the bear pics will continue as she's way too interested in him to take time to smile for me!
Happy 5 months baby! Momma loves you more than you know. OXXO (and not the store)!


Joanna said...

Happy 5 months AR!!! You're getting so big :) Only yesterday your mom was telling me she was pregnant with you :) Your mommy is doing such a great job (even the teacher said so!).

Meg said...

Happy 5 Months Baby A!

You are a great mommy, keep it up. AR is such a lucky girl :-)