Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

...Happy Halloween everyone! I didn't think we'd do a whole lot of Halloween stuff since she's so little but we actually did a LOT! Here's what we've done so far and we have more fun things to do today!
AR and the babysitter made the ghost plaque on the left. It's her footprint and the mouth is her toeprint. I was so excited to get it when I picked her up one day. I can't wait until she starts bringing home art projects and we cover the fridge with them. Not Halloween related but on the right is a plate we did at a festival through the Painted Pot. My mom's turned out better because she had a lighter green color behind hers but it's AR's handprint and footprint. FYI-baby footprints are MUCH easier than baby handprints. Thank you Ms. Donna for writing on it for us!
This past Saturday, I was "that" mom that put her kid in a pumpkin and took pictures. Aunt Liz got this HUGE pumpkin and cut & hollowed it out. Then on the chilly morning, we put AR in and snapped a few pics (thanks to the neighbors for letting us pose in front of their pretty tree; they probably don't even know we set up there!). I was going to put her in a black Halloween onesie but she happened to be in these PJs which looked away cuter; we just made sure you couldn't see the doggie on it so it still looks Halloweenie. Nana whipped the hat out for us on Friday night.
 I've been meaning to make her pumpkin baby food but she beat me to it.
 This pic was post taste, smacking her lips trying to decide if she liked it or not.
Her Halloween costume was made by Nana and cost less than $5! She was Pebbles (costum was much cuter when it's warmer out rather than having to wear clothes underneath). I thought about doing a bone in her hair or to carry but decided to save the cash. We got to wear it 2x already (Chick-Fil-A Family Night and to Halloween Happenings on Sunday) and we'll wear it today so we've definitely gotten our money's worth out of it. Thanks for making this Nana!
What's a Pebbles without Wilma! Here's H and AR as Wilma and Pebbles at Halloween Happenings this past Sunday. AR mainly rode around in the stroller while H played games. Good news though, when she saw the clowns in full make-up she grinned ear to ear at them so hopefully she won't be afraid of them when she grows up.
Me and my girl who did NOT want to smile for any picture with me, only when we put the camera away!
Happy Halloween everyone! What are you or your little ones going to be tonight?


Liz said...

So cute! Wish I would've thought of some of your crafty things. Do you have any planned for Turkey Day or Xmas? Do tell!!

D is going to be Super Dez for Halloween. It was a hand-me-down SuperMan onesie from a friend, so the cost = FREE!!

Anonymous said...

OOOH I love the ghost plaque. I wish I knew about something like that. I would have loved to do it. I guess I still can and just use it as decorations next year.

I love the pumpkin picture....Raegan is too big unless we had a huge one like you had...Raegan decided to try pumpkin, but from the outside in.

I love the pebbles thing.... I wanted to do the whole Flintstone family, but I couldn't get my hubs into it...maybe next year LOL