Monday, October 22, 2012

SEMO Homecoming Parade & Shutterfly Winner...

...Saturday Papa and I took AR to her first parade. I really thought she'd have a good time because she loves to shake her booty to any music she hears. However, because of the kids on either side of us who were older and felt the need to be IN the street, AR didn't have a great seat so I don't think she really got to see everything. FYI to smokers: If you want to smoke, go for it but do NOT smoke around my child!!! Seriously, chain smokers on either side of us who then didn't make their kids pick up their trash, or their own. I told AR that when she was older, she'd have to pick up her own trash.
Anyways, my friend Laura and her son, TJ, watched the parade with me while Papa held AR. TJ didn't like Tootsie Rolls so I now have a whole bag of Tootsie Rolls to snack on this week.
 As you can see, AR was less than impressed and dozed off...until the motorcycles and "machine gun" came by super loud. She woke up and looked around but didn't cry. Papa and I held her ears because it was REALLY loud. I'm glad she woke up though and we didn't have a "Mr. Holland's Opus" moment.
 Me and my girl. Love her hat? Aunt Jan made it. On Saturday, it was a Redhawk for SEMO but it could also be a Fred Bird hat-go Birds!
 AR, me and Papa
The weather was perfect but unfortunately, the Redhawks didn't pull off a W.

Now on to why you're really reading...the winner of the Shutterfly $50 giveaway is tabicakes! Congrats!!! Please leave me a comment no later than Wednesday, October 24 at 5pm CT with your email address so I can get you your prize!


Julie said...

I could kick myself, we were going to go to SEMO for homecoming and go to Lamberts but my SIL threw a party that night that she was insisting we go to so we stayed in town. Grrr - I will be there next year and if you go yearly, then that would be fun :)

tabicakes said...

Yay! Thanks so much!

tabithanan at yahoo dot com

Angie said...

awwww such sweet pictures!