Saturday, November 17, 2012

AR the Writer... little 6 month old loves to dictate to me and send emails with pictures to our family. She has a big post in progress but I thought I'd share a few with you. The picture is listed first then the email is below it.

Good morning everyone! I have big news...I'm too big for the bouncer! This morning while Mommy was pumping I got bored so I decided to turn over. Then I got up on all 4 and I was rockin' like crazy! It was so much fun but Mommy was holding on to the back of my shirt. Daddy came in and took a picture of me. Then I filled my diaper during all this excitment-whew, sweet potatoes really do me in!
Hope everyone has a good day!
Hey guys,
Remember my play mat from when I was a little baby? I'd just lay there and accidentally turn the piano on with me feet. The other night Mommy sat me in front of the piano and I went crazy! Then last night, she sat me in front of it, I laid back and rolled to my belly and I was standing playing. Mommy said I'm the next Stevie Wonder.
See you all next week!
Hey everyone! I slept awful last night, I'm on the verge of crawling and I just couldn't get my mind off what to do once I get up on all fours. Anyways, I still woke up in a good mood (as always) and when I did, Aunt Liz and Mommy were outside carrying these orange things around the yard. Nana and I were inside watching them. Nana was doing something with orange yarn and then she put it on my head. Next thing I knew, Nana was carrying me outside and Mommy was putting me in the orange thing. Then Aunt Liz and Mommy were like the paparrazzi (I've been listening to the tv when ET is on) and taking my picture like crazy. I didn't mind because I wanted to see what the orange thing tasted, it didn't have much flavor. I let them have their fun and then my nose was getting cold so I told them to take me back inside! Whatever they did, I kept hearing them say it turned out cute so I'm sending you the pictures they took so let me know what you think.
Happy Saturday!

Hey everyone,
I know I just emailed yesterday but Mommy and I have been busy! Yesterday, Mommy took me to this Pumpkin Festival. It was a fun time and we got a free pumpkin. Mommy kept talking about yummy kettle corn but wouldn't let me have any. My eyes were really itchy on the way home and I heard Mommy say I might be allergic to hay. I don't know what hay is but I'd better stay away just in case because I did NOT like it...I rubbed my eyes the whole way home.
When we got home, Mommy stripped me down to my diaper. She put me on the floor while she put my clothes away. When she came back, I was hiding under the audaman-hehe! Mommy thought it was funny so I did too. We laughed for a long time! Then we ate green beans. They were yummy! Tonight I ate a whole container of them. I really like them although I'm not sure how they got on my nose-oops!
Tonight Mommy wrapped me up in my duck hinney was almost hanging out! Mommy says that means I'm growing. We looked at the picture from tonight and one taken in July...I don't know who that kid was in the picture from July, sure didn't look like me!
I came down with a cold last weekend and am slowly getting better. Mommy is introducing me to the world...swimming, pumpkins, something about a parade this weekend.
There you have it! My busy girl, I can only imagine what she'll be typing next!


Joanna said...

Ah! She's so cute! Her cheeks get chubbier & more chewable with each picture :) We used to call Elias "Chewy cheeks" because that's all we used to do to him! LOL

Shawna said...

OMG Hilarious!!! Cant wait to squeeze her on wednesday. LOL

Jenni-Bee said...

Love this!!!

Sara said...

Oh AR, you are too stinking cute! I love all your emails about the fun things you do. You are such a great writer and a fun kid!