Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Bearded Guy...

...Hey guys! AR here. Mommy introduced me to the oddest looking person this past weekend. Let me tell you about it. Saturda morning Mommy and I went to breakfast with one of her besties she said. They gabbed the whole time while I played in my seat and smiled at everyone. Then we went to this place to pick up something furry that Mommy said was for Daddy (Mommy here, I got Matt's deer hide from his deer last year tanned as a Christmas present so sssh! don't tell him). After that I was worn out so I napped in the carseat while Mommy sat in the Denny's parking lot playing on her tablet. When I woke up, I was in for a real shock. We went to this store with lots of hunting stuff, Daddy took us there a couple weekends ago. We stood in line with a bunch of kids and when we got up front, Mommy put me in the arms of some chubby guy with a big, white beard. I was so surprised that I couldn't take my eyes off him and my fingers out of his beard. Then all of the sudden, I heard a bunch of jingle bells and everyone calling my name. That made me smile but then I was back to this bearded guy. He was telling me to be a good girl then he kissed me on the head and Mommy took me back. What a weird experience!
When we got home, Mommy told me I was such a good girl and showed me these pictures:
I still don't know who he is but Mommy says I'll see him again next year. Good because I can't wait to touch his beard again!

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