Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Perk" of Post-Pregnancy...

...I had another "fun" post-pregnancy surgery today. When I went back to work, I swore all my shoes fit but about a week later, I had ingrown toenails on both feet. OMG! It hurt so bad as in I couldn't get up off the floor or put on flip flops without grimacing from pain.

Then I saw on FB that Jenni had her ingrown toenails fixed. I decided to bit the bullet since I'd met my deductible for the year so I made an appointment. I was in and out today in about 30 minutes. He had to call my OB first to get permissions since I'm breastfeeding. She gave the go ahead so we got started.

He numbed both my toes. Holy heck, it hurt like *insert profanity of your choice*! It was worst than an epidural, probably because it was like 3-5 shots in each toe. But once the med set in, I couldn't feel a thing. I closed my eyes and didn't watch the actual cutting and all that because I thought I might lose my lunch if I did. It was nice to just close my eyes and relax for a bit too.

When he was done, he wrapped my toes up and I had to shove them back in my tennis shoes. I guess I wasn't thinking ahead when I got dressed in the morning. He wrapped the toe up to soak up all the blood but by the time I got home, it soaked through the gauze and even through my shoe!?!

As the numbness started to wear off (right at bedtime for AR), it was a little painful. Once I got her to bed, I went to Walgreens (Matt was home with her) to get soap and antibiotic ointment. I swear I walked back and forth at least three times looking for this soap. After the third Walgreens employee, I said you're coming with me as I hobbled along. I have to soak my feet 2x/day so I'll do it when I pump at night and I guess when I feed her in the morning at 5am, that should be interesting!

I came home after my appointment and unloaded my car. Then I got AR and when we came home, we went to her room and seemed like not much movement or things for her to get into. Of course, she loves to crawl and pull up all over Mommy!

So yet another "perk" of being a mom that's entirely worth it because look at that smile! I love my sweet AR!



SLESE1014 said...

Fancy gauze ;)

That smile is so worth it!!! Hope they heal up soon!

Jen said...

Yikes! Jeff had that done too, and it made a world of difference. Hope it heals quickly! You could have your whole toe nail fall off - that happened to me 2 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

Be diligent with soaking your feet! I quit soaking and it took a really long time for my feet to heal. As soon as I resumed the soaking, they healed.