Friday, November 2, 2012

Miss AR is 24 Weeks or SIX MONTHS!!!

...OMG! Can you believe my baby is half a year old? Six months is a huge milestone to me and I feel like her suddenly turning 6 months means she really IS a big girl!

*The day after you turned 5 months, I gave you carrots which you were not a fan. You should have seen your face, it was hilarious! I ended up mixing just a little bit of carrots with your oatmeal and you ate it no problem. I was splitting your oatmeal between lunch and dinner but now we're back to just eating it at dinner with your veggie mixed in. You do like green beans!
*That Sunday, you woke up at 9 and would.not.go.back.down! Daddy and I had no idea what was going on. You'd fall asleep on us but the second we'd lay you down, wah wah wah-you'd cry! For the first time since you were born, I laid you on my chest and we slept on the couch for a few hours until you finally went down in your crib. I think you had gas but, as usual, you woke up the next morning all smiles!

*You rolled belly to back...FINALLY, you did the easy way! The first time was at Ms. Pam's. That afternoon, we came home and you tried so hard to show Mommy but that silly arm got in the way. After a day or so though, you started showing me.

*You're very lucky to have such crafty women in your life. Nana has made your Halloween outfit, quilts, paci holders, Boppy covers, Moby Wrap and I'm sure I'm forgetting something else. Your great Aunt Jan has been making you clothes, a ribbon board, a coat, a Fredbird hat and this adorable headband. I hope she makes you more of these!
*The night before Mommy and Daddy's wedding anniversary, I heard you coughing through the monitor. I checked you out the next morning and you didn't have any boogers or sound congested. You coughed and sneezed all day but that was it. Then on Friday, you'd sneeze and clear stuff would come out of your nose and you started sounded congested :-/ Plus you were sleeping the day away, which we all know you're not a huge fan of sleep, so that was a sure sign something was up. We were supposed to take you to meet Daddy's friends that night but decided it would be best if you stayed home with Grandma. When you woke up Saturday and it STILL wasn't better, I called the doctor (actually this was the 2nd time I'd called) and operation "good-bye cold" was in full effect. You got squirts of Little Noses when you woke up and when you went to bed. We put a vaporizer in your room. We put some Johnson & Johnson soothing soap in your bathwater and poured it over your chest. Then we put a quilt under your mattress so you weren't laying completely flat. You woke up Sunday morning feeling MUCH better and just a little cough. Despite how bad you felt, you were still a happy, smiley girl but you could tell in your eyes that you didn't feel good.
*You and mommy went to the Great Pumpkin Festival. You still weren't feeling great but we had a good time. However, I think you may be allergic to hay.
*Girl, you are a rollin' and scootin' machine. I walked to the kitchen and came back to find you hiding under the audaman. You're so silly!
*I brought you home from Ms. Pam's one day and put you in the bouncer with me while I took a shower. Suddenly, I heard a shriek and pulled the curtain back to check on you. You were sitting there all smiles. You learned this happy shriek from Leila at Ms. Pam's. It's so sweet like you can't get your laugh out fast enough so you have to shriek.
*Mommy and Daddy both were really sick one week. You must've known we felt bad because you slept all night from 7pm-4:30am. Then I gave you your paci and you laid in bed until 5am. It was such a blessing because Mommy & Daddy needed that rest. Daddy started feeling better but Mommy didn't. For the first time since you've been born, I let Nana take the monitor and get up with you during the night. I'm so thankful for Nana!
*I started giving you milk in a cup without a lid, less than an ounce. You want to hold it yourself so I let you but I help you tilt the milk up. You drink it so well!
*You're up on all 4s and rockin' your booty ready to get movin' out world, here comes AR!
*This past week, you have turned into a total momma's girl as in tears when I leave the room, freaking out on other people until I hold you. I always wanted you to be a momma's girl but baby, you gotta be nice to everyone!
*Your sleep=awful! No need to go into detail but let's just say that I'm grateful when Nana comes to visit so that I can get some rest although she usually brings you to me about 3 or 4 because you won't go back down. I've read up on co-sleeping and we've been doing that some because Momma needs sleep, little girl!
So there you have it, the first half of your first year! I love you so much! When I'm away from you, I can't wait to get back to you and sometimes I just sit and stare at your photos thinking how much I love you. I love you more than you'll ever know! OXXO (not the store)


Anonymous said...

SO grown up!! I can't believe she's such a big girl...Raegan is struggling with her first cold ever. I haven't called the doctor yet. She seems happy and active, just a nice wet cough with a bit of a runny nose. I can't believe she made it to nearly 11 months before ever getting sick.

A is rockin' on all fours! OMG look out, once she's mobile she's gonna be all over. I can't believe how fast Raegan can move now. Before you know it A will be walking!

COME ON BABY said...

Oh my goodness sweetie she is perfect! Completely delightful. Hope you are doing well. Xoxo

Jen said...

Adorbs! I need to come visit her soon!