Friday, January 18, 2013

Miss AR is 8 Months!!!

...the past 8 months have gone by so fast! It's exciting how much you're changing and learning but stay little awhile longer please!

*You celebrated your first Christmas! You slept through most of your first celebration with the Hfields:

But once you woke up, you really enjoyed playing with the paper. Mommy got a fan for Christmas and you loved beating on the box. Future drummer, maybe???


*Mommy went to the Sleep Lady. Basically I was told I needed to teach you to fall asleep on your own and space out your naps before we started anything else. It was rough the first couple days but pretty quickly you started falling asleep for your naps while only fussing for a few minutes. Stretchin out naps was VERY tough, but I just had to keep you up, redirect you (A LOT) and lots of walking. It eventually got easier to keep you up from nap to nap. However, when you woke up from the naps, uh...crabby isn't even the word to describe it, you were a BEAR!!! Updated a few weeks later and things are much better. When you sleep at night, it seems like you only wake and are up for long periods of time when your belly or teeth hurt.

*Mommy got a new, fancy pants camera for Christmas. I was off the whole week after Christmas so that Saturday, I annoyed you all day long taking your picture. By the end of the day, you were soooo over it:


*You are pulling up and standing like such a big girl! You practically crawl up me all the time. We're still working on getting down after you stand up but we're getting there. If I'm close to you, you'll reach out for me and take my hand then get down on your own. You're doing much better going up and down, up and down.

One day when I picked you, you were standing holding on to the sitter's entertainment stand. Instead of getting down, you walked along the stand until you got to me. It's like you forget you how to get down. You are such a silly girl sometimes!

*Around 32 weeks, I FINALLY saw two little bits of white under your gums on the bottom front of your mouth. They are slowly poking through! As of today, they are about halfway out.

*We had a PAT meeting and you scored off the charts for your gross motor skills. You were on target for communication which the lady said was normal since you were ahead in the other area. However, Daddy and I have non-stop been saying "ma-ma" and "da-da." It seems like you mouth "da-da" but the actually words don't come out.

*We have low windows and you love to pull up on them and stare outside, it's so adorable and then you pat on the window.


*I went through all the boxes of clothes we have and I think we're set on clothes until you're 2! In fact, I could probably dress another baby or two at the same time as you.

*You have figured out how to open your room so when you when I close the door so Mommy can put away clothes and you can play, if you get bored then you just open the door and take off. You can open cabinets which means everything I stashed away out of your sight now needs another new home. You did close the door on your fingers once but a little TLC and you forgot all about it in a couple minutes.

*This may be TMI but it's hilarious. When you hear Daddy turn the fan on in the bathroom, you take off like a mad woman to get there because you know you can play with your bath toys. Sorry Daddy, no more quiet bathroom time for you!

*Mommy and Daddy both got new chairs for Christmas. You love playing with the handle on Daddy's chair and you pull up on Mommy's chair all.the.time! Don't worry, we both got a protection plan as mine already has spit-up and milk on it. 


*Your hair is getting long and at times you're rockin' a mullet.

*You love all kids especially older ones. I think you're really missing the older girl at the sitter's, you used to play hide-n-seek and follow the leader with her. The other baby at the sitter's is 3 weeks younger than you and he's sitting up but not crawling. The other day when I dropped you off, you crawled over to him and started pulling up on him! Guess we need to teach you to be gentle with other babies, huh?
*You found a cowbell and love to shake, shake, shake it!
*Look at those baby blues...LOVE!
So there you have it, baby girl, you're 8 months old! Bringing you home from the hospital seems so far away, I can't believe we'll be celebrating your first birthday in just a few months!!! Baby girl, I love you more than you'll ever know! OXXO (not the store)


COME ON BABY said...

Holy cow!! She is lovely and so big. She is great. LOVE those pretty baby blues too. MELT!!!!!!

Jenni-Bee said...

Awww, look at how big she is getting! The pictures are all great too! Looks like you've studied up on photography already.

SLESE1014 said...

She's just beautiful. I wish PAT was more of a thing here. It's one of those things I miss about living in MO.I can't believe she's already 8 months. I was just thinking about when you were posting about her transfer...seems not that long ago...

Joanna said...

Happy 8 months sweet girl! Cuter by the day I'm sure. Learning & growing so quickly. She'll be saying momma before you know it & then it'll be like a broken radio lol.