Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Trip to Nana's House...

...whew, what a week it's been at Nana's! We have been busy, busy girls. Here's a recap of our week:
Friday, January 18
AR's first plane ride=success! By the time we got to Nana's, it was bedtime.
Saturday, January 19
First stop-Beall's! Beall's is this huge shopping place that always has great discount. We got AR a ton of 24 month clothes (because we have enough of everything before that) for less than $20, I found mom a cute dress for her conference that hides all the bad curves (I want to borrow it!) and I got a new non-mom swimsuit. Here's AR in the shopping cart, the didn't have seats. This lasted about 30 seconds until she was pulling up then Nana and I took turns holding her.
Next stop, Manatee Festival! This was a bust to say the least. We rode a bus to a spring where all the manatees were. We saw one. The others were further out and there were lots of kayaks and snorkelers which I think kept them from getting closer to shore. Here's AR with one! He broke the cardinal rule of characters-never take your head off in front of kids. 
One vendor was a group of local artists. They'd made this manatee out of foam. AR really was digging it. FYI-this is the first time I've taken her to something like this since she's started "exploring." Let's just say that I went through probably half my pack of baby wipes. 
When we got back to Nana's, after a way late nap, we went swimming. AR, as always loved it and made friends with the girl in the back and her brother. 
Sunday, January 20
My mom and I have decided we're sick of our huge a$$e$ so this week we're trying to eat healthier and be more active. So after our delicious veggie omelet that Nana made, we went on a LONG walk with AR and her dog. My mom rode her bike and AR laughed at her the entire ride/walk.

When we got back home, AR was hot so I stripped her down and we played on the floor. She was giggling and smiling like crazy. Of course, I wasn't trying to get a pic of her 2 new teeth but I got this great shot on accident!
In the afternoon, Nana played golf. She picked us up at the house on hole 5 (it's in their backyard). AR LOVED watching everyone swing their clubs and she was a big fan of the golf cart as well.
Monday, January 21
This was a pretty low key day. We attempted more shopping but someone, ahem AR, was not having it so we spent the day hanging out around the house. While AR and Nana went swimming, I went on a bike ride. It was such gorgeous weather and I forgot how much I enjoy biking since it'd been over a year since I'd gone. After swimming, Nana and AR walked to the clubhouse and I rode my bike so she could meet some of Nana's friends. What is the deal with everyone touching her??? We were baby wiping off hands and face the whole ride home. Oh and we did a cute Valentine's Day photo shoot so stay tuned next month for the pics.
Tuesday, January 22
Ahhh...I got a facial and it was ah-ma-zing! Another walk for Nana and AR while Mommy rode the bike. Then we went to the local wing place for lunch. You are totally disliking you carseat down here, not sure what's up with that. I swear your appetite has doubled, if not tripled, while we're down here. You are eating so much!!! Here's a pic of you chowing down on some puffs becase Mommy didn't have enough lunch thawed out for you yet. Nana made you delicious baby food: apples, sweet potatoes, zucchini and spinach plus your yogurt freezes. She made the yogurt dots a little big so they aren't quite bite sizable but you still gobble them down.
You are loving all over Jodie and she's tolerating it very well. You even pull up on her and she just sits there like your Shadow dog does at home.
Wednesday, January 23
Whew! Tuesday was a LONG night. Despite prunes, water and poop prayers this little girl didn't have a good bowel movement on Tuesday which made for a LONG night. Her and I were up from 11:45-2am, I tried giving her all the meds I brought (gas drops, teething tablets, Infant Advil), rocking her, standing and swaying and finally at 2am, I decided to nurse her and she passed out in bed with me. We slept until about 4am, started crying again so I nursed her and we slept until 5:45am. Then she was a happy girl once we woke up.

After we took a nap, we headed to the local Wal-Mart for their grand opening. We met a Pepsi bottle with hands. This was mindblowing for AR!
Then we bought AR her first pair of shoes for this summer! She was kicking her foot back and forth so I'm not sure if she didn't like them or enjoyed the other shoe hitting the cart.
When we left, the local animal group had Barney the Owl out. You called his name and he'd turn around and look at you.
Oh and AR peed on Nana's quilt. :-)
Thursday, January 24
Happy birthday Lauren! My mom's friend came to visit with us. AR did NOT want to miss anything. Another pretty low key day as Nana took in all the AR time she could get and I packed. We made one more shopping trip and Nana made an AWESOME dinner!!! This is the "corral" Nana turned her familyroom into. AR has been such a sweetheart this week! 

Friday, January 25
Headed home! We had a great time; we're not looking forward to the artic temperatures we'll be welcomed home to when we get off the plane.
Thanks for having us Nana!


Slamdunk said...

Hooray for you all happy travelers. And we would totally enjoy the Manatee Festival.

Kevin and Katie said...

ha ha ha, you and your baby wipes. Relax momma, it will be fine. She needs some germs to have a tolerance. You used to say this yourself ;)

SLESE1014 said...

Looks like you had a fabulous trip....We were in the sunny warmth last week too I think we left when you arrived :) Love the pics of AR! can't believe how big she's getting!

PS your blog isn't coming up in my reader all the time, sorry for the late comments....

Joanna said...

How fun! What great memories for all of you. I'm very jealous of the warm temperatures!! Hope you had a better time on the plane coming home than you had going.

Jenni-Bee said...

Aw, you guys did so much! I know AR won't remember (except from reading this), but I bet you'll remember each mini vacation you take with her.

Did I mention I am so jealous!?!