Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Response from Southwest...

...here is the email I got regarding our experience with Southwest. At least it was an apology and not automated although their only "solution" is to fly it them again to give them another chance. IT was also sent from a no-reply email address so I can't email them back. Thoughts???

Dear A,
Without a doubt, we acknowledge how vital Customer feedback is to our operation, and your comments and concerns about your January 18 travel experience with your daughter have been heard and taken to heart. Travel is complicated enough, especially with kids, and we know that a little help is always appreciated.
As a courtesy to our Customers, our Automated Outbound Messaging (AOM) system is intended to proactively deliver customized automated messages to Southwest Customers when there has been a change (or we anticipate a potential disruption) to their flight. AOMs are typically delivered via telephone call, text message, or e-mail to the phone number or e-mail address indicated as the preferred method of contact during the booking process. We sincerely regret if you did not receive the AOM until your flight landed.
Additionally, although we were disheartened to learn of your disappointment in the service you received from our Customer Service Agents (CSAs) as well as the Flight Attendants onboard Flight #, please know that complaints concerning a lack of sympathy, patience, or kindness from our Employees, particularly toward families, are quite rare. Many of them are parents themselves and are predisposed to respond compassionately to children, even under the most trying circumstances. It is clear that you are disappointed with the service you received from our CSAs as well as the Flight Crew and we are very sorry that this experience was not indicative of the considerate service we strive to provide. We appreciate your providing us with the details of this experience, and your concerns in this regard have been included in our monthly report, which is distributed to our Senior Leaders.
Again, we truly regret having disappointed you. We wish that we could erase such an unpleasant memory; unfortunately, we cannot, but we can encourage you to let us create a new one by traveling with us again soon. Your family's patronage is very important to us.

Amy, Southwest Airlines


Hilary said...

It seemed like they were apologetic, but it was almost like they were saying, "Our flight attendants are ALWAYS friendly & helpful!" almost like they didn't believe you. I sent a complaint to Time Warner Cable last month (our bill for cable & internet is $130; if we added a phone line, it would be $100 for all three; I pointed this out, yet they refuse to do anything about it) and got a response that basically said, "Call Customer Service and try again. Maybe you'll have better luck." Annoying.

Liz said...

So frustrating. They could at least offer to give you a discount or some miles or something! If it makes you feel any better, I've traveled almost all of the major carriers and even though I've had issues with Soutwest, they're not nearly as bad as the rest. Flying is just hit or miss. As a customer, we lost so many privileges since the industry as a whole took a hit. Now we're just faced with trying to find the least crappy carrier. stinks.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, I was hoping for more and a better resolution. Sorry.

SLESE1014 said...

I'm so sorry this was your experience. I have only flown with Southwest with Raegan. In four flights with them, they were extremely helpful from the check in to the flight attendants. I'm so surprised to hear this. I love Southwest and have been flying with them since my college days.

Hopefully your complaints will help future experiences, which I think is the theme behind this email. I will say the flight attendants on this last trip were above and beyond amazing. When Raegan was having her 40 min melt down the asked if there was anything they could do and then once she fell asleep asked if they could get me anything....wine, vodka...haha.

For a first flight, it sounds like you did awesome mommy, and AR did pretty awesome herself. SO jealous of the picture with the pilot and you and AR in the cockpit....Never thought to ask that....