Monday, February 25, 2013

9 Month Check-Up...

...last Tuesday, AR had her 9 month check-up. This is our first check-up with the new doctor although we've been there 3 times already...once to meet him, her second flu shot (which the orignal doctor forgot to tell us we needed) and a couple weeks ago when she was sick. There are definitely pros and cons to both the new and the old. With the new, although I despise waiting forever, I appreciate the fact that he spends more than 5 minutes talking to us and I'm able to get all of my questions answered. On to the nuts and bolts of the visit!

Height: 26.5 inches (same as 6 months)

Weight: 17.8 pounds

So when they first weighed her, it was 16 something. I was shocked so I asked her to re-weigh her. I mean we'd been there 2 weeks ago and she'd weighed 18.4 then, granted she wasn't stripped down to her diaper but still. So she re-weighed her twice and 17.8 was the final number. She's in the 25% for both height and weight. She's typically always been in the 50% for the most part.

I wasn't too concerned about her height. I mean, look at Matt and I, we're no tall people but I was really shocked at her weight. In 3 months, she barely gained a little over a pound? And we've started eating WAY more table foods so I thought that would count for something. The nurse assured me, and reassured me, that she's perfectly fine and I shouldn't worry. Ha-she obviously doesn't know me that well!

While I am concerned, I'm not too worried because developmentally, she's right on task. She says mama and dada (even said nana twice the other day!), she does patta cake (or gives high fives), she's crawling, pulling up, cruising (although I don't think walking is in the near future; whenever you hold her hands to walk, she immediately drops to her knees), uses her pincher grasps, is VERYsocial and, not to mention, the sweetest little girl ever! I am worried because all the 12 month clothes I bought her are summer clothes but we have PLENTY of clothes in all sizes so I shouldn't be too concerned with that.

She had one shot this month and this is the first time that it's turned red and got a knot under her skin. I called the nurse and she said to try to massage it out when I changed her diaper but not to be too concerned. If it's still there in a few days then give them a call back.

We got the go ahead to start sharing all table food with her! That's going to make thing so much easier and probably make me eat healthier too. I typically share whatever I'm eating with her and I'm trying to stay away from foods that could create bad habits for her so maybe that'll help me too. There are still some foods that I'll wait for awhile such as eggs. Matt and I are neither skinny people so I'm going to try to stay away from mashed potatoes for awhile. I know, ridiculous, but if I can get her to eat regular potatoes or sweet potatoes without butter/salt then I'm all for that. He said the most important thing to help with childhood obesity is when they are toddlers to limit screen time and keep them active which we already do both. I'm just trying to start some good habits with her at an early age so she doesn't have the weight struggles I have.

Bottom line, I have a happy, healthy 9 month old! Just look at her, who would disagree???



Julie said...

Yay for a good check up!

Jenni-Bee said...

I just adore her! She's always so well bahaved, and a basket full of smiles all the time! So glad Em has her as a friend. :-)

willtherebecake said...

Cutie patootie! And I wouldn't worry about her weight. Since she's crawling so much, she's burning a ton of calories so she's bound to thin out a little. Another blogger friend's baby was on the heavier side and she was worried but her doc said not to because once she started crawling, she'd lean out. Sure enough, she did. So that's probably what's happening. As long as you're letting her eat until she's full, she's perfectly fine!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness, she is just precious! She sounds a lot like Mac. He just had his 9 month appointment too. Can you believe our babies are this old?! It kills me. I love her little toothy grin!