Sunday, February 3, 2013

H's 9th Birthday!!! baby neice is turning 9 on Tuesday. That's just insane to me because I still remember driving across the snowy state of Missouri to be there when she was born and now she's 9!!! Yesterday was her gymnastics birthday party. My job was to take pics with my new camera. We took 700. Yes, let that soak in, 700...beware of sports mode! I gave the memory card to my sister so she sent me some but I when I get them back I may post some other cool pics. I feel like I did a pretty good job of taking the pics but had my baby not been sick and almost her nap time, then I could have gotten some other cool angles because I wouldn't have had her on my hip. Yes, she was on my hip almost the entire time. Or I was laying on the floor to get a different angle and she was standing and patting me. She was so sweet though and I think she enjoyed the party too!
Here's AR on the beam:
She was helping H stretch before the party got started. 
H doing a straddle in mid-air
AR watching the big girls and taking mental notes
When the big girls got done with the obstacle course, AR took her turn with it
H on the bars
The cousins!
AR was pretty exhausted after the party
Happy birthday H! Thanks for letting us come to your party. We love you!

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Jenni-Bee said...

Omg, AR was so cute! Idk if it was the outfit, or the shots, or her expressions. Lol, so cute. Great action shots here!!!