Monday, February 18, 2013

Miss AR is 9 Months!!!

...9 months!?! This month brought on lots of firsts for you. You are growing up so fast!

*You took your first plane ride to Florida and were such a good girl!


*You started last month doing this but this month you have perfected waving hi and bye. You even say something along the lines of hi as well. Everyone thinks this is so cute which, of course, it is.

*I swear while we were in FL you started saying ma-ma. It's so precious to hear you say this even if you don't know what it means. Update: definite first word: ma ma!!! I'M SO PROUD!!!

*You've started turning pages on your own.
 *Last month, your bottom two teefers popped through but they've really become visible this month.
*You got your second cold but this time I took you to the doctor because you'd lost your appetite and were running a low fever. I couldn't send you to the sitter's since you had a fever but luckily, Grandma and Aunt Jessie helped me out by watching you in the morning so I only had to take a half day off work. I took you to see the nurse practioner and she said your chest sounded good and you tested negative for RSV. She didn't really tell me what you had but she gave us some antibiotics. You were back to your normal eating that night and happy self at bedtime.
*You love the front window and especially how cold it is. You put your lips on it and move back and forth. It is so hilarious! Every time you do it, I grab the video camera and then you stop and just grin at me. I've cleaned the windows more since you've been born than in my entire life!

*You attended your first birthday party! Your cousin turned 9 years old, geez, I feel old. I still remember the day SHE was born. It was a gymnastics party so you couldn't do much with the big girls but you enjoyed pulling up on the low beam and cruising along it.

*You poohed in the toilet for the first time! Daddy was giving you a bath and when he lifted you out, you had the urge to go so Daddy lifted the toilet lid and bam! Your first pooh in the potty!

*You saw your first snow!
*You crawl up the stairs by yourself now and I might add that you're pretty fast! On the topic of fast, you're a speed demon crawling too. It's like you turn your turbos on! Daddy has started calling you Turbo.

*You said da da for Grandma and your Aunt Jessie. Daddy was so bummed he didn't hear it so even MORE than normal, he's been da da da da ALL the time in hopes you'll say it for him. Your Valentine's gift to him was finally hearing you saying it the night before.

*I'm trying to get away from baby food and let you eat "regular" food. You pretty much eat a little bit of what we have for dinner if it's bland. You love your yogurt dots and I recently started giving you frozen peas which you love too. We'd been doing puffs but I also started giving you Cheerios so once we're done with the puffs we have then we'll just do Cheerios.

*You've had your first two playdates this month. One with Emma at our house and one with Emma, Soph and Dez at Ms. Angie's. You had a blast at both and it's nice for Momma to have some adult time while you have fun too. We will definitely be doing more of these in the near future!

*You love the outside and looking outside. When it's nice out, we'll open the front door and you'll just stand there watching everyone go by. I feel like this picture makes you look like such a big girl, not a baby.
So there you have it, sweet baby. Mommy can't believe how fast this is going by and in just 3 short months, you'll be a one year month you'll be double digits!?! Mommy loves you, sweet AR, more than you'll ever know. OXXO (not the store)


Jenni-Bee said...

Wow, she does look like a big girl standing at the front door! That was a great shot! And FYI, she always has such cute outfits on!!!

Cecilia said...

Omg. How cute are the play date photos! I can't believe how big she is.