Monday, February 4, 2013

AR's First Snow!!! FINALLY snowed good in STL last night! Matt pushes snow so he usually pays very close attnetion to the forecast. Saturday night, he headed to bed before me. When I came to bed, the tv was on and the news was saying there was going to be a quick snow before midnight. I turned the tv off, laid down and tried to wake Matt up. He groggily mumbled to me and I tod him what the news said. He rolled over and that was that. Around 2:30, AR woke up so I nudged Matt to go check on her. He did, laid back down and 10 minutes later, got up to check on her again. As he came back to bed, a little bit more awake, he said, "Let me see if it snowed like you said." He peeked out the window and mumbled, "OMG! I gotta get to work!" and was out the door in about 10 minutes.
AR and I slept in and then when Daddy got home, we watched him shovel the driveway and front walk. AR loved this but then again, she loves watching her Daddy do anything outside. Daddy even rolled a snowman for her (but only made it to 2 balls before his hands were freezing!). Then we put n her hat and Daddy took her out to explore. It didn't last long, AR quickly came to the conclusion that it as cold!
AR and her daddy in her first SNOW!


Jenni-Bee said...

I didn't even think to get shots of Emma with her first snow. I wish I would have.

SLESE1014 said...

It took nearly 14 months for me to get a "snow" shot of Raegan....So glad you were able to get this!

Slamdunk said...

How fun for your family and what a memory. And if Matt needs extra shoveling or snowman-making practice, he can hang up here for a couple of days.