Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3D Art Around Town...

...H is staying with us this week and going to camp. AR is loving having someone to play with every morning and night plus we're trying to do fun stuff after work too. H also has brought her Girl Scout badges to work on. So far, she has written observations about AR (Child Care Badge), made predictions on what her group will wear (Math Wiz Badge) and today, we visited the Cultural Art Center to view some 3D art.

Here's AR and H with one sculpture:
This was 3D, the purple beard pops out and this entire thing was made from duct tape!
Here's AR with another sculpture
The girls hanging out at the back rack which is in the shape of a bike
Then we took a walk around the Center outside
She looks like an old lady here
She wanted her H to stay with her
And when I made H come stand by me, AR was not happy
She was pretty excited to discover another sculpture though!
Tomorrow we're going to hit up the splash pad-woohoo!!!

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Cecilia said...

The duct tape picture is amazing. I love AR's sandals!