Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swim Day at Sha Sha's!!! we went to my sister's to celebrate Father's Day. AR was in heaven with their pool! I coated her in sunscreen and put her in her bikini. I knew we'd be in and out of the water so I figured it would be easier to be in a 2 piece so I could just take the bottoms off and put on a diaper while we were out of the seemed to work out well. The one downside of today was that AR is going through major Mommy separation even when I'm five feet away from her so I was pretty much by her side all day or if she was inside, I was out and vice versa. I feel bad because my family doesn't get to see her often and when they do, she will barely live my side. Luckily, she always goes to my sister so I get a little bit of a break.
See...happy as can be once we got in the water! My sis bought her this raft which worked out great.
She entertained me for a bit by wearing a hat...
"Ha, mom...I'll play along and wear this for a bit..."
"I'll even let you put it on backwards."
"But, I'm not leaving it on!"
"Yah! Bye, bye hat!"


Liz said...

So cute! D loves the pool too. And will NOT keep his sunglasses or hat on either. Silly babies.

SLESE1014 said...

We need to find friends with a pool...swimming lessons are great, but I cant get pics cos I'm always in the water with her :) AR is so freaking cute!

Jenni-Bee said...

Yep, so cute! Em left her hat on for a long time, but after so long it went bye-bye too. :-) Can't wait for all of us to go swimming!