Sunday, September 14, 2014

Danielle & John Get Married!!!

...Yesterday, a long time friend and co-worker got married and AR was one of the flower girls. We had the rehearsal Friday night and AR just wasn't feeling it walking down the aisle. She loves Mr. John though so she ran right to him for a big hug after crying the whole way down the aisle on Friday night. Uh-oh...Momma was worried for the actual wedding!

After her part of the rehearsal, we hung out in the pew with Miss Monkey and she was pretty excited about that.

On Saturday, we got to the church and she practiced going down the aisle on her own...with no one in the church and she loved it.

She was still acting a little nervous and not super smiley during pics. This was Luka, the ring bearer.

Oh and then she saw Mr. John and she was excited! She loves him!

A bag of chips and applesauce to power her up...

Well, she made it down the aisle with the two other kiddos, lip quivering, but no tears. She gave Mr. John a big hug and when he told her to go find Mom, she grinned and ran back down the aisle to where I was sitting so yah-she made it!!! Once the pressure was off, the girls had a blast running like wild women in the lobby.

We got pics with Danielle and John then headed home for a nap before the "party." When she woke up, she started crying because she wanted to go to the "birthday" so yeah, it was a birthday/wedding celebration!

Here's AR watching Mr. John dance with his mom. Seriously, she loves him and all the wedding party was so sweet and nice to her. They gave her fives and danced with her all night. Seriously, my kid was a dancing machine!

Here are the little girls dancing with the beautiful bride. I loved her dress with the lace and they took a pic of the girls under her sheer layer, hopefully it turns out cute!

Did I mention there was cake? Amazing cake actually! AR was a pretty big fan too.

I finally got a pic of AR and the bride...too bad AR's hair is out of control. Everyone kept asking me if I curled it and I was like, uh, are you crazy?! No way my child would sit still that long, all natural baby!

This is Danielle's mom, Ms. Norma. I love her! She's like the All American mom and I hope I'm like her when I grow up.

They played a slow song for the couples and I couldn't get AR off the dance floor. Of course, she didn't want to dance with me either so the boys from work came along and danced with her so she didn't have to take a break.

Lots of old friends were there (not like they're old, just have known them for awhile). Here's Amber with AR. Luckily, lots of people knew and loved her so she had plenty of people watching her, dancing with her, and sneaking her lots of popcorn. Popcorn bar=awesome!

Oh and then Mr. John danced with her and she was so excited! Anytime he walked by her or danced with her, she'd run over and find me, yelling, "Mr. John!!!"

I hired both of these girls when they were in high school and now they're both married! #wowIfeelold

AR was out on the dance floor until we left, right before ten. She only stopped for a few breaks and almost passed out on this one...

Then we got home and yeah, this is what happens when you party too hard. Of course, the shoes were twenty years old!

So a big congrats to Danielle and John. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. It was perfect and you have such great family and friends. Here's to wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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