Monday, September 1, 2014

Handstand Contest!!!

...This summer, AR's gymnastics place did a Handstand Contest. You could enter as many times as you wanted and it was supposed to be on vacation or staycation like the zoo or "where ever you hang out this summer." I tried to do places we visited although some of the entries were in front of Target, QT, and other local businesses. #cakehunting really helped us get out a lot too!

It was kind of hard to do this pic because I always had to have a third person or ask someone to take our picture. I wasn't going to ask a stranger to hold my kid's feet up. Anyways, it was a fun thing to do throughout the summer. Here are the pics we submitted:

The Fountains at Crown Plaza in KC (my friend Candace helping)

Daniel Boone Home (asked a nice lady from Arkansas to take the pic)

AR at my sister's pool-AR insisted on doing the handstand on the pool rail!

#Cakehunting! Handstand at Webster Opera

Handstand under the Arch on top of a cake at Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls Club!

Lunch and handstand at Chuck-A-Burger!

One armed handstand at Lodge Des Peres Pool!

More swimming handstands at Nanny's pool!

At Skyview Drive-In

Hotel Handstand!

At the "White House"

Magic House



Matt took a pic of her doing at the fair. I text him and simply asked for "the handstand pic." This is what he sent me. :-/

St. Charles County Fair

Cape Splash

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