Friday, September 26, 2014

EB & Ryan Get Married!!!

...Last weekend was my SIL's wedding and yes, it's taken me a week to recover so I'm just now getting around to posting about it. I had to get my hair done at 10 so I thought AR and I had all kinds of time to get stuff done before that...I was sooo wrong! The morning flew by and before I knew it, we were at EB's for lunch and make-up!

The bride with her make-up all done and ready to head to the farm!

My MIL met me at the salon and we traded off with AR. Here they are cheesing!

EB was diagonal from me getting her hair done. I love the braid and flowers!

Back at EB's house, AR got into my (very small) make-up bag and found this brush. Apparently you can put blush on your legs too!

Miss Tori, the make-up artist, glammed AR up with some lip gloss. Tori's mom kept telling me I needed to put AR in pageants...hmm, if it pays for her college....

After hair and make-up were all done, we drove out to the family farm where the wedding was held. Here's EB with all three flowergirls.

If you can't tell, AR loved her extra layer of fabric!

She was being so goofy! Ssshhh!

I absolutely LOVE this picture...three generations of the G-Fam!

EB with her brothers

The (old) Mr. and Mrs....I'm now one of five female G-ladies...Matt's mom and grandma, his aunt, AR, and me! At least that I know of, maybe there's more extended family...

Here's AR and me, she and the other flowergirls changed out of their dresses right after the ceremony. Notes about a DSLR: You're never in any pictures because you're taking them or everyone is too scared to use your camera, that's why the only pics of me are selfies-which are not easy with a DSLR either.

AR dancing with her Daddy

The party went late into the night. AR and I retired around 9 to watch Frozen. Here's EB with her first hangover as a Mrs.

Did I mention that our dogs came too? Yep, they did! Here's AR with her Shad-dog.

And her Emma dog, too.

AR found this hat and kept saying, "I'm a cowgirl-moo!"

And she found a tiara and put it on her Emma dog so she could be a princess too!

Here are a few pics from her photographer. I didn't even know she wrote her name on the bottom of her shoes until this pic!

All the bridesmaids and the bride!

Boots! Side note: Matt gave me my pair of boots our first Christmas together. They were vintage ones from his aunt's shop. They'd always been way too big until post-AR, now they fit like a charm!

The boys and their my FIL in this pic (hat on).

Kisses for the bride!

The wedding, bride, groom...everything was beautiful! Have fun in Gatlinburg!

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