Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 16...

...Guess what? We reached 250+!!! We still have two bonus cakes to get, maybe some "unofficially" cakes, and there's rumor there's a couple more not placed. Either way, we've reached 250-woot, woot!!!

Cake #244 Lincoln Park

Cake #245 City Museum

Cake #246 Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing
This one is definitely kind of scary to get to. My sister parked then I had to walk a little less than half a mile, out of her sight, to get it and it's in downtown. Luckily, I found it and it was a pretty location.

Cake #247 General Daniel Bissell House

Cake #248 Old Chain of Rocks Bridge
Now, this one was pure dedication! The road to the cake was CLOSED due to a water main break so we had no access to it on the Missouri side where it's located. We drove to the Illinois side and isn't this picture amazing???

So we found the bridge and discovered we could walk across it...a mile there and a mile back. Too bad we weren't in my car because we didn't have the stroller. So my sis, me, AR, and Champ (her dog) took off across the bridge. AR was pretty good the first half mile, me carrying her and her walking some. Once we hit the half-mile mark, she wanted me to hold her the entire time. I had to pee and my back was killing me but I did it  because that's what mommas do, right? We were almost over the bridge and I couldn't handle it any more so my sis took her. Here she is crying because I wasn't holding her!

FINALLY! Got the cake...then walked a mile back across the bridge!

Cake #249 Columbia Bottoms

Cake #250 Fort Belle Fontaine
WOOHOO!!! Two-hundred and fifty cakes, baby!

Cake #251 Green Center

After this cake, we went to Jilly's for lunch and cupcakes of course!!! The hunt's not over...


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You guys are so awesome!!!

Cecilia said...

You ladies are dedicated. Even if I weren't injured, there's no way I'd walk two miles for a cake.