Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The G-Fam Now

First off, thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome back! This is why I love you all so much. I know I kind of dropped a bomb on you with the whole divorce thing and you probably have like a million questions you want to know if you're anything like me aka nosey and want to know all the details. Let me start off by saying I won't be bashing or saying anything bad about any party involved so don't think I'm trying to act like we're perfect, I'm just trying to be respectful. Everything started in August 2015 and I have a couple blog posts that I started to write but they ended up being more of an emotional outlet for me instead. They were really raw and more about my feelings than the facts which is what I'm going to try to keep this to so here goes.

August 2015, Matt and I decided to get divorced. No big drama or event of what got us to this point, we'd both been feeling it for awhile so when he brought it up, I agreed. Matt stayed in the house with us until May 2016 when the divorce was finalized. AR and I stayed in our house and Matt moved about fifteen minutes away so it's nice that we're still pretty close location wise. My mom stayed with AR and I mid-May-mid-August which was a good transition for me and for AR.

As far as parenting plan goes, we trade every other weekend and Thursday nights plus she stays with her dad every Wednesday as well. I won't lie, it's been tough not being with my girl every night but I try to stay busy when she's not home. I've had an awesome support system of people who invite me on walks, let me come over and hang out, or go out dancing with. I definitely can't complain about that although I still have times that I sit at home and have a pity party every now and then but the good definitely outweigh the bad.

She played soccer this fall, Go Grapes! I went to all her practices even though they were on Wednesday nights. My philosophy is that I still attend practices/activities like I would have if we were still married. She did awesome and we made some really amazing friends! One of her teammates is having a Gingerbread House party in a couple weeks so AR is really excited to see everyone again.


Matt and I still struggle at times like we did when we were married. For both of us, we always try to put AR first and what's best for her. Matt and I may not be husband and wife anymore but we will always be her Mommy and Daddy so when she asked if Daddy could go trick or treating with us, the answer was of course yes.


It's been a long road to get to the point where we are now and it's going to continue to be until we get the hang of it. Even then, the only guarantee in life is that it's always going to change so we'll regroup and figure things out at that point again. And while we've had lots of changes in our world, AR seems to be handling it pretty well. I mean occasionally, she'll say something that breaks my heart and I think geez, she's really going to need therapy one day but take a look at that smile of hers? She's a pretty happy and blessed little girl. She's got a Mommy and Daddy that love her, some amazingly awesome friends, and a family that adores her. Our girl is strong willed and sassy and she doesn't hesitate to call us out when she needs to. Overall, we're still a family that's a work in progress.


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