Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fun Filled Christmas Weekend 2016

This past weekend, much like every weekend, we tried to jam pack as many activities in the three days we had! With it being the holidays, there was no lack of stuff to do. As soon as we got home Friday, we started baking cupcakes that our Elf on the Shelf had brought us to make. I made the mistake of turning my back to ice some more cupcakes and when I turned around, two jars of sprinkles were completely empty! She had fun though and that's all that matters, nothing a broom couldn't sweep up.


After we finished decorating, we started delivering to some of our friends that live around us. I hope they all enjoyed them, they tasted pretty yummy, just lots and lots of sprinkles!


In the midst of delivering cupcakes, we stopped by the police station to make an ornament to help trim their tree. We met Ranger Bob who I'm sure we'll see lots since we live right by two playgrounds. 


Ta-da! Finished product!


Lots and lots of officers were there to help the kids hang up their ornaments!


Saturday morning we slept in a bit then headed to Santa's Workshop where AR made an adorable snowglobe and got to see Santa and Ms. Claus. 


We also frosted a sugar cone and decorated it with M&Ms. The kids LOVED this snack!


AR always has a hard time telling Santa what she wants for Christmas but as you can see in this picture, she had no trouble this time. 


We also saw Olaf!


G-Fam picture with the Claus family!


Ms. Claus and AR


Then, because what else do you do on a freezing cold December morning, we headed to swim lessons! AR is working on her backstroke. 


Not her most graceful jump in but she's got a smile on her face!


We started lessons with Ms. Anna when AR was 1.5 years old and this was our last lesson with her. WAH!!! I'm so sad!!!


Anna and AR have made the program guide together too many times to count. Now I have to find a new instructor for her, one that isn't freaked out by how much time AR spends under the water rather than above and can reign her back in when she gets a little cray cray. Thank you, Anna, for the countless lessons and your endless patience!


After swim lessons, we headed home for lunch and a much needed nap for both of us. Then we woke up and headed to the rink to watch our friend, Kenzie, skate in her Christmas show. She did a fantastic job and it was an added bonus that AR's teacher's daughter was in the show too. I adore these pics of AR watching.


Santa and Frosty made a surprise appearance at the end of the show.


AR with the Christmas skater


Sunday morning, our friends dropped off their dog for us to dogsit. AR was super pumped about being able to help this time. As you can tell, she thinks this dog is a person as she reads her a story.


We had lunch with my good friend, Kim, then ran a few errands and came home to rest before her big Christmas performance at church. I didn't know until she got up from her pew that this dress is actually a glitter bomb!


This was me trying to get a picture of AR with her friends... four year olds!


Kenz and her family came to support AR tonight. I love this friendship that the two of them have and hope it continues over the years.


AR is a lucky lady with so many people that support her. All of Matt's family came to her performance, too.


Wow! One year difference... sometime over the summer she lost that baby face and became a big girl... it makes this momma sad! :( :( :(


On the way home, we stopped at 7-11 for celebratory slurpees!!!


After church, her Aunt Liz and her six-week-old cousin, Kenna came over to visit. I gave the girls their Christmas present from me and I can't wait to see them in them.


While we were visiting with Liz and Kenna, the doorbell rang. AR went to answer it and she was shocked to see none other than SANTA!!!


Big hugs to see the big guy!



Of course she had to show him the tree in her room and they looked at each individual ornament. 


Another family shot with Santa!


Charlie had been hiding in my room so we brought her out to see Santa. She didn't know what to think!


We gave Santa the whole run of things tonight-a six week old, a dog, and a sassy four-year-old!!!


And that my friends concludes our fun filled Christmas weekend. Now we need a weekend to recover from our weekend especially because our week is just as busy!

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