Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter Break 2016

AR was off school this past week so like we always do, we made the most of what we could! We're not girls to stick around the house, we like to be out and about surrounded by family and friends. Here's a quick recap of how we spent our week.

My step-sis came over on Monday. We checked out Nanny's new house, ate pizza and played AR's new cupcake game-thanks Shadow for that gift, it's a hit! After a quick nap, AR and I headed back to Six Flags to meet up with a soccer teammate of hers. Unlike the Friday before when we visited, it was packed!!! The girls still had a good time and we stayed late enough to see the lights around the park. The top left pic is one we sent to Jenni when we found out she was there too but unfortunately, we weren't able to catch up with her. Still, we had a great time!


Tuesday we slept in and it was much needed. Colds are being passed back and forth like crazy! I went to lunch with some gal pals from college then met up with AR and Nanny to see Sing at the theater. Incredibly cute movie! AR got up and danced and sang when she recognized songs and she didn't ask to leave because there weren't really any scary parts. Definitely a good kid movie! After the movie, we took Shadow for a walk and ended up at the playground. Nanny made us chili then some friends of ours came over to exchange Christmas presents. In the top right, AR is modeling her new, super warm, super adorable jammies. Funny how she went from almost falling asleep in the top left pic to modeling superstar in about ten minutes. 


Wednesday we slept in again, isn't break awesome? Then we went to get my oil changed. Now, that may not sound like anything fancy or fun to you but AR LOVES going with me to get my oil changed! There's a lady that walks around and takes our order for snacks and drink. AR gets a Capri Sun and they have an arcade plus a TV with Disney Jr. The girl loves this place! After that, we stopped by her friend's house to drop some stuff off and the girls got to play. AR spent the afternoon with her Grandma Star and she said that they baked cookies for the family. I went to work and played trivia that night, Team Char Char did not bode as well as we did last time we went.


It was back to work for Momma. As hard as it was to be motivated to go after being off for so long, it was even harder because I was one sick Momma. I forged through though and survived my work day while AR and Nanny went to visit friends with horses. I had promised AR that we would go ice skating with a co-worker of mine but I was literally on my deathbed. AR was disappointed but I made up for it by picking up her friend, Kenzie, and taking them to the park for the Christmas light display. We got ice cream on the way back and as soon as we were home, I climbed back into bed. 


Friday morning I slept in while Nanny took care of AR. I was trying to muster up all my strength for ice skating. There was no way I could let her down again so we trekked out to Wentzville and ice skated. It was AWESOME!!! Another post is coming about that! We came home and passed out then woke up to play more cupcake game and watch Minions in our jammies.


And that my friends is how we spent our winter break! AR is spending the weekend with Matt. I work Sunday and plan on taking down Christmas stuff. I also plan on cleaning my gutters with Nanny's supervision so wish me luck! Luckily, I'll have a couple more days off next week to spend with my girl so I'm sure we'll have more adventures ahead of us!

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SLES75 said...

I want to spend my next break with you :) Looks like you had a great time! I need to work on putting something like this together if I ever get a week off with my kids.