Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The honeymoon...

...is over! Not really but really...My Mattie surprised me with our honeymoon to Negril, Jamaica mon!!! (It's just so natural to say mon when you say Jamaica). It was great...relaxing, away from drama (kinda) and, most importantly, it was just the two of us! We climbed Dunn's Rivers Falls, we snorkeled and rode on a catamaran (while getting fried), we jumped off a 35 ft cliff at Rick's Cafe, we got chocolate massages (OMG-wonderful), drank Electric Lemonades and the list could go on.

It was bittersweet to leave because we were having a great time but at the same time, we were ready to come back and start our lives together as husband and wife. We came home to two very happy puppies, more gifts to open and three flats of canned food (thanks for stocking us up mom).

Now that the wedding and honeymoon are over, there are a couple of things I need to work on....1. Relaxing and enjoying life. I had a hard time just sitting on the beach doing nothing, I felt like we needed to be doing something....playing bocce ball, kayaking...something so I need to learn how to relax. 2. I need to stop worrying about other people. I know that I am a true, respectful person and because other people may not be, I should not get upset or let it bother me. They obviously aren't upset so why should I be? 3. I always, always, ALWAYS need to wear sunscreen on my lips!!!

Thanks to my wonderful husband Matthew for an amazing wedding, honeymoon and marriage. As I sign off, here are just a few of the pics from the honeymoon (I'm uploading 150 right now and that doesn't include 2 disposable).
Here I am with my Electric Lemonade (I really liked the blue color):
Here I am with my husband, so far every day with him has just gotten better and better:

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LucyinStLou said...

Welcome back! It sounds like a fun trip.