Friday, October 31, 2008

Is he real?...

..."no, of course not...Happy Halloween!" Okay, so it was a little white lie but, come on, it's Halloween! You're supposed to get scared! So tonight was our first Halloween as a family. I was the candy distributor and Matt was the scarecrow that scared the bejeezus out of everyone AND their mom! Two kids jumped about 3 ft in the air and ran straight to the stop sign 3 houses away!

Okay, hopefully this video works-its the first time I've uploaded one. Our friends brought their boys over to trick-or-treat before they started their night. Cody was the first to fall victim to Matt. He will probably never speak to Matt again though!

There's my hub....yep, that's him in the mask.
There's my hub and I...our first Halloween together...awww, aren't we cute?
Happy Halloween! Here's our jackolantern!

Now to those of you who may think this was mean of our defense, we did hand out full-size candy bars so they had to EARN it! Here's to happy spooking!!!


Cecilia said...

LOL. That is so awesome!!!! It would have been hilarious to see all those kids jump. And how nice are you for handing out full size candy bars!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Alyssa!! That is too funny. Glad you guys had such a great Halloween!!

Dymestl said...

Good to know someone else is scaring St. Charles' children. I haven't yet heard reports of us making anyone pee themselves this year but we did have a little girl run into the house and wouldn't come out because she was so afraid of Rich.