Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lunch Date in Como...

...Sunday afternoon, I headed to Columbia to meet up with two of my AGD sisters for lunch at Shakespeare's Pizza! We picked Como because it was central for us all, Lauren from Jeff City, Candace from KC and me from STL. The last time that I'd eaten there was in 2005 on the day of Candace's wedding. I remember one girl had set her purse on a burner so the bottom of her purse had a burner imprint and I was wearing a see through shirt (but only in pictures-great!).

So here is Lauren, Candace and myself:

It's been a long time since we'd all gotten together so we talked about everything under the sun then headed to the mall for a little shopping. It was great to see them and we decided we were going to try to do this quarterly. Oh and, of course, the pizza was delicious although we debated whether pineapple belonged on pizza or not...its an ongoing debate with us...your thoughts???


Angie said...

That's so cool you guys did that. Yay for meeting old friends and having fun.

Cecilia said...

Shakespeare's is the bomb! I haven't been in 15 years though. LOL. Pineapple does not belong on pizza. No way!