Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Candace's Wedding... I posted last week about our lunch date in Como. Well, it made me think back to Candace's wedding and how much fun it was so I decided to post about it. Her wedding was in July 2005 and it...was...AWESOME!!!

Here is Candace, Abra, me and Kristen being too cool for school with our shades on!

Okay, so the back story. One day back in college, I was desperately trying to get ahold of Candace (think pre-cell phone days). I tried her for about an hour with no answer. So I decided to call Chad's (her boyfriend now husband) fraternity house so I was scribbling on a pad of paper the fraternity's number, Chad's number, Chad's work number, etc...A couple of days later, Candace came over and was sitting at my desk and then she said, " you and Chad have a secret? Why do you have all his numbers written down?" It was hilarious and from that point forward, Chad and I call each other secret and joke about it. Truth though, Chad and I have kept some major secrets from Candace like when we planned her suprise birthday party!!! I love these guys!

Remember in my post about Como I said that the last time I was at Shakepeare's I was wearing a see-through shirt? Well, here's the pic to prove it and let's now look at that super short hair!

I also mentioned the girl who set her purse on a burner? Here's the prove of that picture...

So all in all Candace and Chad's wedding was awesome, they are awesome, we love hanging out with them and Candace and I have a good secret right now!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

What fun memories with great friends!

Cecilia said...

A secret??? Poor purse! I love the color.

Candace said...

love you - you make me feel so special!