Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slumber Party...

...I just got home from a slumber party with the gals from high school and!!! I'm not used to staying up until 1am and no matter what time I go to bed, my body wants me to wake up 6am!!! It was an awesome time...good laughs, good talks, good food and, most of all, good friends!!! I won't go into all the details of the night because most of the discussion is not blog appropriate or memories from high school that brought tears to the eyes...yes, Kristal, you really said that!!! I also found out that aside from Kristal, the other girls are all dirty, little BLOG STALKERS!!! (another post on that at a later date). I will share some pictures and stories now and I hope you find them as funny as did!!!

The "gang from high school" as my dad likes to call it. From left:

Ashley-we met in Girl Scouts, Daisies to be exact and she still to this date calls my mom Ms. Vickie
Jess-(hostess with the mostess) met Jess in middle school and spent lots of time "driving around" with her (really, we just drove around but I think my date thought we were selling ourselves on the corner or something!?!)
Christina-pretty sure we met in 8th grade gym class and I'm also pretty sure that we both had some awesome bangs back then
Kristal-met in 7th grade when I asked her why she wrote "Speed" on her notebook and she pointed out where she wrote real small under it "The Movie"
Beth-met in 7th grade band (she played French horn, me tuba) but really sealed our friendship when she sent me a note with her split end taped to it

Prior to the slumber party, we had all been messaging back and forth about what kind of pizza to order which sparked a huge debate with the meat vs. veggies lovers. I brought Rotel so I made the Meat Lovers kind and the Meat Haters the morning, it was all Meat Lovers because there was hardly any left!

Jess just got married last spring. Don't ask but after dumpster diving (it was all Beth, Ash and Christina), they found leftover shower invitations so when Jess fell asleep, we posted them all over her house.

This is above the shower wall.

We also found sheets to write down our best marriage advice for the new couple. Early Sunday morning, Ashley and I completed them with quotes from the night and funny sayings. Jess-you have NO idea how many we did. I have a feeling you'll be finding those forever.
You girls are the best ever and I had a great time. Crazy how many chapters of life that we've all shared together and hopefully there are many more...


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

How fun! What a great night with friends.

PS: I'll post my yummy Crock Pot recipe this week. Weight Watchers friendly and so yummy!

Angie said...

Wow that sounds like an incredibly fun night!

fah said...

That's cool that you still have the core group of friends closeby. We moved around so much that the few friends that I have kept in touch with are all over the country.