Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Visit to Cape...

...Thursday night I headed down to Cape for a nice long weekend. Matt had to work and I had Friday off so I figured I'd go see the fam. Friday night we went to dinner at Ray's in Kelso, they are famous for their steak and pizza. I ordered a version of their cheeseburger pizza and it was pretty delicious!!!

My grandma, Sally, my dad and I

We had bananas foster made table side... was delicious!!!

There was so much pizza!!! My grandma and Sally split one and they had leftovers, I had leftovers and then my step-sis, Brooke, was going through recruitment at SEMO so we brought her home a pizza. Here's my dad looking like the pizza delivery man.

Saturday morning Brooke accepted a bid from Alpha Delta Pi. She's in for a ride now! Sally and my dad adopted a basset hound who doesn't like too many people. Anytime he'd come out while I was at their house, Sally would ask me to go in the bathroom/bedroom and shut the door. It was kind of funny! Saturday morning, Butchie got to go couponing with my sis, Haley, grandma and me. I was very busy while I was down there but we still had a lot of fun!!!

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Cecilia said...

It sounds like you had a great time!Pizza is the best. Almost as good as ice cream. And I would so hang out with you outside of the blogosphere. :)