Saturday, May 29, 2010

My 11 Miler with the Boston Qualifier... as my Sun Chip Project was being posted to my blog yesterday, I was out running 11 miles with two-time Boston qualifier, Shelley. Holy "insert profanity of your choice"!!! Shelley just kicked my @$$ and I'm feeling it...soooo sore!!! No dead bodies this run, only a dead Rolex (okay so it was probably a Timex but Rolex sounds better, agreed?). Mile 5 was were all the excitement was going on...big hill, we were ahead of pace then Shelley almost tripped on a sewer and fell!!! Apparently some guy driving by gave us a thumbs up but I was too busy focusing on the ground so I didn't see it.

Technology Drive was nothing but HILLS!!! Good prep for next week but totally sucky! When we finally got back on K, I touched my forehead and could feel the dirt, grime and dried sweat-totally GROSS!!! I drank my entire water bottle and half of Shelley's (I felt bad for her as she can run a FULL marathon in almost the same time it took us to do 11). The only thing motivating me to finish was a nice tall glass of ICE cold water. We walked another half mile for our cool down where my legs were like Jello and all I could think of is that in one week I'd still have 2.1 more miles to go.

Things I Learned Today:
1. Semis, although frightening, create a great breeze.
2. Hills suck.
3. Ponytail and headband-fail! Look for me in pigtails next weekend, I promise I'm not 12!
4. Hills suck.
5. Realistically I should shoot for 12.30-13 minute miles which would still, barely, put us under the three hour mark-sorry Sherrie!
6. Hills suck.
7. If I'm crazy enough to do this again, I'm going on a major diet...lugging around all this weight is not fun!
8. Hills suck.
9. Ice cold water is DA BOMB!!!
10. No matter what, Hospital Hill is going to suck, I'm going to hurt, I may even cry but I'm going to finish it no matter what!!!

Ugh...I'm exhausted!!! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!


Christy said...

You are amazing! Sorry about the hills, though. Can't wait to hear how the actual run goes, and I'm looking forward to seeing those pigtails!

Stephany said...

You are awesome and so inspiring! You'll do fine with your half-marathon. My mom's finishing time was 2:45 and she was super happy about that. YOU CAN DO IT!

Meredith said...

Woooo! Great work this weekend! And hills DO suck.

Adie said...

You are SO freaking awesome! You truley amaze me!!!