Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Carpet!!!

...our basement has been partially finished since I moved in. It has this yucky wood paneling and it had fake wood-looking carpet with no padding underneath. If the dogs ran down the stairs going 90 mph then the carpet would always flip up and it would just be concrete. In an effort to make the basement our new family room, we ripped up the ugly "wood" carpet and indulged in some new carpeting and padding. So far this has been the biggest expense in the remodeling projects.

Here is Matt and Andyflipping the carpet:
A pile of new carpet:
Stretching it to reach all corners:
Ta-da!!! Finished!!! Still not cute walls but that's a project for another day!
Who doesn't love a man with a vaccum in their hand?
Now in reverse order, here are the before pictures:
Hard, concrete:
It's so soft now to walk on! I absolutely love it. We haven't moved anything back into the room yet so I just want to lay on the floor. The doggies haven't been on it yet. We're hoping to add some more lighting and then move everything in.

We're having a garage sale on March 3 so hopefully after that then everything will get back in order for the basement. I'm gone next week at conference so I'm hoping to come home to the house all ready for me to get to nesting!


Angie said...

looks good! I love new carpet! I think I did just lay on it when I got it in my living room LOL. Is that a real brick wall or just painted? I know I've been in your basement but I don't remember that.

Christy said...

We're about to get new carpet, too. I cannot wait! Y'all's looks great!

Ailith Blesington said...

The change in flooring made a huge difference! With the new carpets, the basement now looks brighter and more inviting. Great job!

Reginald Daugherty said...

The overall appearance of the room changed dramatically making it look brighter. I've just recently installed a new carpet too and the room looks more elegant now that the rotten hardwood floors and rough concrete are nowhere to be seen. I’m really curious on what kind of furniture and design that you'll be putting on that room.

Kathy Carbone

Brain Ventris said...

I agree with Reginald. The carpet color certainly made the room look brighter. How’s the room now? Be sure to regularly vacuum the carpet to avoid dust build-up. Regular cleaning will be good to maintain the carpet’s integrity and safeguard its service life.

Brain Ventris