Monday, February 13, 2012

We Have a Crib!!!

...yes, the crib is put together minus a matteress but otherwise, we have a crib! This was Haley's old crib and it will turn into a toddler bed. I'm happy to say that we did this in less than an hour and we didn't even yell at each other! My job was just to hold the pieces while he screwed them in. Here is Matt deciding which side goes where:
Shad snuck up from downstairs so he came in to sniff around:
Woohoo-finished product!!!
You can't tell but the wall is painted a very light blue. His cousin is coming this weekend to paint the mural. Hopefully, he'll have the dresser together by then. It's coming together my friends!!!


Liz said...

I can definitely see the color in the first pic. Looks great! We put our crib together yesterday and I love it!

Julie said...

Yay! Okay so my friend who is due in July found out today she's having a boy which breaks up all the millions of girls that are surrounding me so now you need to have a boy! ;)

mini baby cribs said...

very nice work. they're beautiful