Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shower 1 and 2 of 5!!!

...and so shower season has begun! In the upcoming three weeks, I've been invited to FIVE showers! One bridal and 4 baby! This past Saturday was my friend Stevie's bridal shower. It was held at Moonrise Hotel in the Loop in STL. The girl throwing it rented out a suite and we each brought some food and just hung out. I left around 8ish to head home (sorry ladies, prego lady is not up for sharing a bed or sleeping on a couch/floor but I still love you all!) but the ladies headed to dinner and drank LOTS of wine.

It was a great idea because dinner was within walking distance and they all had a place to crash so no drinking and driving. It was also Mardi Gras weekend and there were some drinkers on the interstate which made it scary to drive home.

When we arrived, some of us bridesmaids got there before the bride to decorate and set up. There was some track lighting and one of the girls went to hang up a lantern with a metal holder...only for it to spark and short out all the lighting-oops! Twenty minutes later though and we were back in business!

Here is the beautiful bride with one of her gifts:
I got her a can opener and a pot that she'd registered for. I also threw in some bags of rice to make in her pot and some canned goods to try out the can opener. Unfortunately, those items were on top so she opened my gift and was like " beans..." Guess I should have packaged it better, huh?

After the gift opening was done then the wine drinking began!!!
I was invited to a baby shower on Sunday too but it was in Cape and I couldn't go but I still love you Jess!

Side story: After I got home from the bridal shower, I laid down for about an hour then headed down to our friend's bonfire he was throwing for his wife's 30th birthday. By the time I got there, everyone was double-d DRUNK but it was great to see everyone. At midnight, Matt and I left to come home as we still had a big day ahead of us on Sunday. We were waiting to officially wish the birthday girl a happy birthday but seriously, she was 2 minutes short of making it. Yes, she passed out so we headed home.

We got a phone call the next day that some of the neighbors brought over their 4-wheelers about 12:45am and everyone started riding around. Tell me how 4-wheelers, bonfire and beer sounds like a good idea? Oh it's not. Our friend, the one throwing it for his wife, flipped the 4-wheeler and it landed on him breaking 6 ribs, puncturing his lung and I think he also broke his collarbone not to mention bumps, bruises and a big 'ole knot on his head. The ambulance had to come and get him and take him to the hospital. Matt talked to him later in the day and he was feeling okay, not great, but better than we expected. Thank goodness he's not as bad as it could have been! Please send up a prayer for his family especially since they've got 4 kids. 


Julie said...

I hear ya on shower season...mine's about to start next month!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh your poor neighbor! I hate 4-wheelers sober, let alone drunk 4-wheeling. So dangerous. Hope he recovers soon! (And then he can teach those 4 kids about the dangers of 4-wheelers.)

Teenage Bride said...

oh geez praying for the family