Monday, May 21, 2012

Timeline of Autumn Rose...

...I'm in the process of typing up the birth story, our hospital stay, meeting her new family and wanting to document EVERY moment (like hearing Matt sing "Silent Night" to her last night!) so in the mean time, I thought I'd give you a quick timeline and run down of how it all happened. Feel free to leave any questions that I can address in other posts.

Thursday, May 17
2:30PM 40 week check-up at the office; protein in urine and I'd gained 8 pounds in one week. Doc decides to go ahead and send me in to get induced
5:30PM Check in at hospital and took bloodwork. Most bloodwork looked good but my uric acid level was high (should be under 5, mine was 7)
9:00PM First cytotec pill inserted to help thin cervix; contractions were 6 minutes apart
10:15PM Fall Asleep
10:45PM Sit up, monitors move and nurses rush in the room-all was okay!
11:00 PM Finally ate dinner-broccoli cheddar soup and fruit parfait (also realized that the more full my bladder, the more contractions I'd have)

Friday, May 18
1:30AM 2nd cytotec and I fell straight to sleep; at this point, Matt kept saying he wasn't sleeping but I could hear him snoring!
2:50AM Sat on birthing ball because my hips were hurting from laying but was told I couldn't walk around
3:00AM Matt wakes up and starts dancing around the room (we were getting cabin fever at this point)
5:45AM Third cytotec
6:00AM OB comes to visit and tells me the different options/possibilities
8:10AM Bagel & cream cheese and a fruit cup for breakfast; also at this point, dog commercials were making me weepy and missing Em and Shad, my mom sent me a friend request on FB (for the 80th time) and I was being spell check for Matt for the 800th time as he was sending text updates
9:50AM Fourth cytotec and I started crying feeling defeated and thinking this wasn't going to ever happen!
10:00AM Nap
11:00AM Finally get to walk around the floor and MIL stopped by to visit
1:30PM OB comes by again and okayed me to eat lunch
2:25PM Nurse checking my belly monitors and I felt a pop
2:36PM My eyes get big and I tell Matt to look because I think my water broke-it did!!!
3:05PM Dilated to 1 and pitocin started
5:30PM Got epidural
6:00PM Dilated to 3-4 and 100% effaced
8:00PM Told nurse I felt rectal pressure, she checked and I was already at 10!
9:00PM Starting pushing
10:20PM Autumn arrived and my doc barely made it!
10:20PM Autumn got cleaned up while I got stitched up (2nd degree tear) and my doc had to retrieve my placenta because it wouldn't deliver naturally
10:22PM Matt looks at me grinning and says, "She's already holding my finger!"
Saturday, May 19
12:30AM Autumn met her grandparents (my mom & dad and Matt's mom)
Visitors throughout the day
11:00PM I looked at Matt and said, "Isn't it crazy, we've only had her for 24 hours? It feels like she's been around forever!"

Sunday, May 20
2:00PM Check out of hospital and head home with our baby girl!
Our first family photo
 Packed up and ready to head home!

Details to come in the following days!!!


Jenn said...

She is beautiful - congrats to you and Matt!! Can't wait to meet her :)

Jenni-Bee said...

Omg, I cried reading this! So happy for you guys! Congrats!

Liz said...

Things seemed to go pretty fast once you got that pitocin!

I wanna here how Matt told you she was a girl!

Christy said...

Love the details! Congrats, and don't forget to rest when she does!

Meg said...

So thrilled for you guys. You are going to be amazing parents. I can't wait to hear your birth story!

Angie said...

I know, I'm dying to hear how Matt told you!!!!!!

COME ON BABY said...

Your husband is killing me with his happy little face. Soooooooooo cute!!!

Joanna said...

It's amazing how fast they grasp hold of our hearts! Enjoy all these precious moments my dear :)

Julie said...

I knew something was up when I didn't see you as active on Twitter and the such :)