Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Courageous: The Movie"

...last Friday night, we had our first family date. Matt's dad started taking a Bible study at church and gave Matt the movie, "Courageous" for us to watch. We all headed downstairs and laid out blankets and pillows to cuddle together. Of course, AR didn't watch the movie (we don't want her watching tv right now, down the road probably but for now we don't want to overstimulate her and we don't want to use it as a "babysitter") but she got lots of snuggles and love from her Mom and Dad.

The movie is about four policemen (and dads) experiencing their day to day lives. In a tragic twist of events, one of the men begins to evaluate how he's doing as a dad. He starts to study the Bible and decides to follow what he learns to lead him in being a father. His friends all jump on board and decide to do the same thing.

I thought it was a great movie although watching it one week postpardum was NOT a good idea because I was a blubbering mess. I even went so far to cry about not wanting AR to leave for school or have her get married! I would definitely recommend this for all new parents, well, really all parents in general but just be prepared to cry. Even Matt was on the floor kissing her forehead throughout the movie telling her to take her time growing up.

Here's a pic of my girl and I waiting for Daddy to get the movie started.
So far this is the only "parenting" book/movie we've read/watched that actually makes sense and isn't controversial! Oh and thanks for all the comments on the breastfeeding posts, I really appreciate all the tips. 

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Julie said...

Great movie! My brother is a cop, and a youth pastor up in Northern Missouri and had recommended this movie awhile ago. Its 1 of 4 in a Christian series, you should check out the other movies: Fireproof (with Kirk Cameron), Facing the Giants and Flywheel. We've seen them all now and they are all good.