Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Turtle vs Dogs...

...this past Saturday, I was getting out of the shower and looked out the window. I saw a turtle running across our backyard, for real this thing was MOVING! I grabbed my camera and headed to the backyard. He's a pic I snapped of the turtle:
The dogs came out with me. This was about as close as Shad got to her, he was freakin' out!
Emma was much braver but still didn't get TOO close.
I tweeted a pic and my friend's husband, whose a biology teacher, said she was probably red-eared slider looking to lay her eggs.
Matt was working so I texted him to tell him about the turtle. He texted back that I should get a box and catch him. I text back, "Well, that's one way to try to get labor started!" A couple hours after I originally found her, I let the dogs out again and she'd moved to the other side of our yard. I poured a cup of water over her (it was almost 90 degrees) and then I put the cooler over her with some room for air flow. Luckily, Matt got home about 10 minutes later so he could pick her up. We fed her some raspberries and Matt released her out of the yard. And that my friends, was my excitement on Saturday!

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Liz said...

Wow, that's one big turtle! Most of the turtles I find are little box turtles.