Monday, August 20, 2012

AR's Baptism...

...this past Saturday, my sweet AR was baptized. Matt's uncle took some good photos for us. When he dropped them off today, he made this great collage of the photos for us. All of the families came to help us celebrate and the aunts helped us with the reception which turned out really nice.

Picture of the stained glass in the church before service started

Where the Holy Water was held
These are the table decorations my mom made and we gave away at the end of the reception
Table decor
The G-Fam
AR getting the Holy Water poured on her
My sweet, happy baptized girl who did a great job and didn't even make a beep during the ceremony. The dress was made by Matt's grandma for him to wear when he was baptized. His sister and brother also wore the dress. AR must've been a little chubbier than them because we couldn't close the top button!
AR with her sponsors AKA Godparents, my sister and Matt's dad
It was a very nice ceremony and reception...a bit stressful for me but my baby girl did awesome! I try to pray with her every night and always ask God to help her lead her life for Him. I feel like now's the time to thank everyone for all of the prayers for us and AR, even before she was AR. Our family is forever grateful for all the support. AR, always remember Jesus loves you and will be with you!


SLESE1014 said...

Congrats to AR and many blessings to your whole family. It was stressful for me too when my daughter was baptized, but she was so good, it made it all worth while!

Julie said...

Congrats on the baptism :)

winter taufkleider said...

Congrats....very sweet family.

Slamdunk said...

Super to see you all smiling--my brother and I did not get baptized until we were 12. Maybe, my mom wanted to wait on the stress since Dad was out of the country so much in the military.

And welcome officially to your little girl to the extended family.

Heather said...

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