Friday, August 10, 2012

Miss AR is 12 Weeks!!!

...oh baby girl, you're 12 weeks old today and this was my last full week home with you! It's been an amazing 12 weeks and I can't wait to watch you grow more and more.

*Saturday night you proved that you could sleep through anything. At 8:30, the doorbell rang by some campaigners. Momma was NOT happy but you didn't wake up. At 9:30, Daddy gave you your dreamfeed. Then at 10:30, Daddy woke me up saying that we needed to go downstairs because a storm was rolling through with winds of 50-60 mph! We didn't want to risk anything with you so all three of us trucked downstairs. You slept in your pack-n-play bassinet while Daddy and I slept on the floor. You woke up at midnight, I fed you then we went back upstairs because the storm passed through. Silly Daddy though stayed asleep downstairs for a couple more hours! Good job little girl!

*Sunday we took you to church. Well, not a service but a baptism class that Daddy and I needed to attend. You were the only baby there, well one other baby was there in her momma's belly, and you did such a good job! You were all smiles when we arrived. When the pastor started the class, you got a little fussy but within a few minutes, you got situated on my chest and took in everything around you. You eventually fell asleep against me. I hope you don't sleep in classes when you get older!

*Monday night around 9, you sneezed yourself awake. I went in your room to check and saw you wide eyed staring at me and coughing a little. I picked you up to try to let you burp any gunk out. Daddy walked in and started talking to you. As I was telling him not to talk to you so you wouldn't fully wake up, you gave him the biggest grin. It melted his heart and he said, "OH! Look how happy she is to see me!" When I laid you back down, you were just grinning at both of us and then as we started to slowly back away, you gave that big pouty look. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Daddy came in a few minutes later to give you the dream feed and you were still wide awake. I looked in a few minutes later to check on you guys. You were done with the bottle and Daddy was just rocking you. I think he was trying to get in some extra snuggles since he didn't get to see you before bed.

*Tuesday I took you to vote with me. Everyone thought you were so cute and the little old ladies made sure I got a sticker to put in your baby book. Don't worry, it's in there!

*Tuesday Daddy was putting you to bed and you spit up...on yourself and him and the rug and the footstool! Daddy needs to learn to contain to one space rather than move around like crazy-silly boy! Also, you were wearing your blue Grandma onesie because Grandma Star was watching you Wednesday but we had to change you. This is the second time we've had you in that onesie for her and she hasn't seen it yet.

*I made a "Family Photobook" for you since I'm going back to work next week. It has all of your immediate family with a picture of you and their name typed on it. I don't want you to forget any of us!

*You have been really into twirling your hair. It makes me nervous because I flashback to when you first found your hair and gave it a big yank which resulted in lots of tears. Luckily, you haven't done that again so twirl away!

*Your naps have gotten shorter during the day and I don't even know what's up with your nighttime sleeping schedule. We put you down at 7pm and give you a dreamfeed at 9:30. This week, you're started getting restless around 9pm so when we give you the dreamfeed you kind of wake up. Daddy and I are discussing what to do with it...get rid of it, give you more milk, we're not sure yet. Then you wake up at midnight and I feed you. Then you've been getting up at 2ish but you're never fully awake just fussing. This week I've been able to give you your pacifier and you go back to bed. Wednesday night though, you went to sleep for an hour, got up again so I gave you the paci and rocked you and then fed you and you went right to sleep. You never really seem to be in a deep sleep during your naps and sometimes later at night so again, I'm not sure what's going on there. Should be interesting for me when I go back to work next week...

On to cute baby photos and there's a LOT this week!

My sweet baby
She does such a good job holding up her head and for a long time too.

You and Daddy ready for church on Sunday; you both looked so pretty! 
Cool shades, huh?
AR thinks her new ball is to stick her tongue through the holes
 Wore her shades on our walk the other morning and didn't even try to pull them off

Happy 12 Weeks Baby Girl! Momma loves you more than you know. OXXO (not the store)


Julie said...

Those family photo books are popular with the newbie babies :)

Liz said...

Oh man that ball photo cracks me up!