Friday, August 17, 2012

Miss AR is 13 Weeks!!!

...Can you believe Miss AR is 13 weeks? I headed back to work this week (another post tomorrow) and so far things are going well. Tuesday was a rough day for AR, myself and Nana but I think it was just a transition day for all of us. Every day when I come home, I get BIG smiles from my baby girl.
*Friday you had two different babysitters and did great for both of them. Both times when I got home and you saw me, you gave me the biggest smile which melted my heart!

*Saturday I took you for a walk and put you facing out in your Moby Wrap. You thought that was hilarious and gave me some more big belly laughs which you reserve for things you find REALLY funny. On the walk, I was pointing things out to you, "White truck, green grass, red stop sign S-T-O-P" Halfway through our walk, I realized your eyes were shut! Here you are before we left for the walk:

*Sunday we took you to church service for the first time and you were such a good girl! We knew you'd want to eat in the middle of church so when you started to fuss, I took you to the "cry room" and fed you. Other than that you didn't fuss at all and only slept through communion. You were so alert and looking around taking everything in. The "cry room" is great. It has a speaker in there so you can hear the whole church service and three big windows so you can see in the sanctuary. There's two really comfy gliders, a changing table, Diaper Genie, bassinett, sink, etc...It was really nice!

*Monday was my last day of my maternity leave. You were super fussy all day and I asked if you were trying to make it easier on mommy to go back to work. I realized after lunch that you hadn't pooped since you woke up. Once Nana got here, you pooped 3x in a row and felt much better! Guess you were just holding it in.

*Tuesday I went back to work and mommy cried the whole way there. :-( But we both survived! Nana and you were both wore out. You passed out while nursing and Nana was in bed and passed out by 8:30. I'd left all 4 oz bottles for you to drink and you sucked them all down. On Wednesday, Nana gave you an extra bottle so you drank 15 ounces plus two big nursing sessions that evening! I guess we're hitting the 12 weekish growth spurt, huh?

*You are LOVING Sophie the Giraffe! You will chew on her face, neck, legs, whatever you can get in your mouth. Nana and I have both checked and it doesn't seem like you have any teeth coming through but you are one drooling, slober machine!

*We got more big belly laughs from you on Thursday. We'd act like we were throwing something for Shadow and he'd go after it. You were crackin' up! You did the same thing with your Aunt Sha Sha and her doggie Champ. Guess doggies jumping and running are funny to you!

Here's a pic of you and mommy after I changed when I got home from my first day of work

Happy 13 weeks Sweet AR! Mommy loves you more than you know! OXXO (not the store)

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SLESE1014 said...

Time sure does fly by when you're having fun....She's getting so big! I hope your first day back at work was OK and you're holding up! Looking forward to that post!

Raegan used to laugh hysterically when we walked and I had her front facing in the moby or the bjorn. And then of course she would pass out :)