Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho It's Off to Work I Go...

...I've officially been back at work for three weeks and for the most part, things are going well. We've had a couple trying nights with breastfeeding but AR and I are both just getting settled into our routine. I had a total mommy meltdown on Wednesday night and beat myself up all day Thursday. And I swear my daughter will never sleep through the night. I like to think of it that she misses me during the day so she wants to get up and see me at night. :-) I'm trying a few different things to see if we can work on it but I'm not holding my breath.

AR and I have been two very lucky ladies the past few weeks because Nana has stayed with us. AR gets to have fun with her during the day and Nana cooks us yummy dinners (and desserts!) not to mention cleaning house, doing laundry, etc...I also love having Nana here because it's another mind to bounce ideas off of plus we both love watching "Big Brother" (which Matt hates). Plus I get pictures throughout the day at work of my sweet baby along with emails that AR dictates to Nana.

This picture was of Nana playing dress up with AR and wearing a bracelet she got as a baptism gift.
A friend of ours (mom of twins) dropped off two bags of clothes for AR. Last Saturday when I worked, the two of them sorted through all the clothes. AR had Nana send me this note with this picture, "Nana said Saturday is fun day......what's so fun about sorting clothes? I just want to run naked!"
This picture was from today. Can you believe my baby is holding her own bottle? She needs some help every now and then but just look at her!
Here she is playing Peekaboo with Nana or blending in with the box and rug.
I'm going to miss getting those pictures and emails at work next week. :-( Not to mention Nana has really helped her developmentally. I wish I could keep up with the weekly posts but, unfortunately, since I'm not with her as much, I don't have as many funny stories nor do I have as much time to post. I will be doing monthly updates (hopefully on time!), until next Friday, when she'll be 16 weeks!?!, I will let you know my sweet baby girl is becoming such a big girl right before my eyes!


Shawna said...

on the pink picture, it looks like her hair is turning red. CUTE

Liz said...

ha! I did a post with the same title last week. Great minds think alike!

I know she's only about 2 weeks older than Dez but holding her own bottle?! What a big girl! They're growing so fast!

Julie said...

She's growing up fast!!