Saturday, March 29, 2014

Garda: Welcome to the Realm Book Review...

…Back in January, I won a copy of the Garda Series by Stacy Eaton. With my busy season at work along with starting to teach, not to mention chasing around a crazy two-year-old, I’ve just now got to sit down and read it the first book, Garda: Welcome to the Realm! The second I started it though, I couldn’t put it down because I had to know what was going to happen with the different relationships. I’m excited to start the next book in the series and I’ll be sure to post a review of it, too.

“He is my destiny."
There is a place that lies between heaven and Earth, it is called The Realm. Within this place, the Guards of Peace, known as Garda Síochána, learn to guide and protect the ones that live below until they are called home.
Officer Corey Hamilton is dedicated to being the best that she can be, in uniform and out. Her loving nature, compassionate thoughts, and warrior strength make her the perfect candidate to join the Garda Síochána and spend her eternity protecting and guiding others.
Just before Corey dies in a line-of-duty accident, she meets Officer Mitchell O’Reilly. Her feelings for him may change her destiny, but not for the better, as she falls in love with this married man. Brock, Corey’s personal Garda, will bring her home to The Realm and attempt to train her for her future, even while she still fights for her past.
Will Brock be able to direct Corey down the right path, or will she cross the line and fall from grace? Join Corey, Mitchell, and Brock for an emotional and heart-pounding adventure that is sure to make you wonder if angels are really guiding us in our everyday lives.
This book definitely kept me on my toes because secrets were being revealed all over the place! And when the secrets were revealed, it totally changed your opinion on the characters. For instance, when Mitch started to fall in love with Corey, I was almost mad at him because he was married. But then a huge secret was revealed that immediately made me feel sorry for him and begin rooting for him. While I’m not normally into “other worlds,” I found myself interested and wanting to know more about The Realm. While the book ended “happily ever after,” I’m not sure that I’m satisfied with the ending. I found myself still feeling sorry for Mitch that he was having to “settle” with what he had because I just wasn’t convinced that he was okay with the decision. Also, Corey completely reminded me of a police officer that I work with…looks, actions, everything. It was crazy!
Side note: I did NOT like the first name for the baby girl. Isn’t it awkward who she was named after? Now you’ll have to read to see what I mean. J Still, it was a good, easy, fun read that I would recommend.

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