Friday, March 14, 2014

March Day at the Playground...

...The weather has been great here this week and I've been itching to use my camera since class last weekend. I figured today was the perfect day so AR and I walked over to the park. Of course, we can see our backyard from there so she had to stand in the parking lot yelling at her doggies for a few minutes before we could actually go to the playground.

Once we were in, I got out my camera and started adjusting the shutter speed trying to get some good shots. All of these pictures were shot in manual.

I have a whole action sequence of her running back and forth on this spot. These were just my two fave shots.

Some girl kept asking if she could play with AR. AR would stop and say hi, give a hug then off she'd go!

She loves this mirror thing and giving the "baby" a high five.

I glance down at my camera for two seconds and look up to see my monkey doing this.

She was so proud of herself!

Seriously, she's a little monkey! Got up and down all by herself.

More hanging!

Failed attempt by Mommy but still got some cute expressions .

The lighting is off here but this is a sweet picture. There was a mom with a little baby on the other side of the fence. The baby was crying so Mother Hen AR had to go check it out.

Then we headed home for a dinner which consisted of a banana, some Goldfish, a fruit pouch, and a few bites of Mommy's sandwich. Hey, it's Friday, okay? I snapped a couple really great shots but I have to be honest and say these next two were pure accidents.

Silly AR saying "Gimme that camera, Mommy!"

Maybe not the world's best photos but at least I know how to change a few things on my camera now! Now let's just hope the weather stays this nice!

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