Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shawna & Ryan's Journey through Adoption...

...Know what I love about blogging? Finding new friends! Know what new friends mean? Lots of love and support! When we started our infertility journey back in 2010, another patient, Shawna, at my clinic found my blog. We immediately started emailing, walking each other through our procedures, praying for each other, and became great friends.

While fertility treatments didn't work for Shawna and her husband, Ryan, they have pursued other options. They have an amazing foster daughter who I've been lucky enough to meet. You can see by the way they interact with her that they're meant to be parents. They are now pursuing adoption and doing some fundraising to help with the funding.

They have a ton of items that are offering free shipping to the winner from the donor so we are looking for bidders so anyone in the US can participate.  The auction will run from October 1 thru October 15th and all bidding will take place on our adoption page. There are some great items including Scentsy, Thirty One, Avon, jewelry, household items, St Louis Cardinals items, and adult and kids personalized items and much much more. Great ideas for Christmas presents or buy something for yourself! Please check out their Facebook page and help them raise money for their adoption!

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Anonymous said...

Do you know about their other 3 kids, that they ignore?