Wednesday, December 17, 2014

AR's Santa Surprise!!!

...SANTA CAME TO OUR HOUSE!!! And AR was sooo excited! I loved it!!! She was sitting in my lap when there was a knock on the door...

She was yelling, "It's Santa, it's Santa!" But it took her a little while to go greet him.

He sat on the couch and she was jabbering away to him about anything and everything.

I asked her to get in his lap for a picture and she said no. So I said Daddy would and then she climbed right up in Daddy's lap.

Then her and Santa went to work on her Frozen puzzle.

This picture pretty much sums up her excitement. FYI-The whole fam jumped in to help out with the puzzle to get it moving along.

We gave him some cookies early and the two were besties.

The whole G-Fam with Santa...including Ms. Monkey!

And of course, the two of them sang Jingle Bells together!

AH! I love Christmas with AR. Her excitement is truly amazing and it made me feel like a good mom to surprise her and see the joy she had. A huge thank you to Santa for making our day!!! See ya on Christmas Eve!

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