Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Putting Up the Christmas Tree...

...Matt brought the Christmas tree home on Monday. Ever since, AR keeps asking about "the big tree." Matt also brought home a little tree for her room that her and Nanny will decorate next week when she gets here. Tonight was the night though. We finally got to decorate the "big one" and someone was all into it!

While Daddy cooked dinner, AR and I sorted through the boxes. She wanted to try on the stockings...for real.

As I was stringing the garland, she'd hand it to me and tell me, "I'm helping you, Mommy!" Until she found this small strand and started wearing it as a belt, which she thought was hilarious!

Once we got started, the girl was sooo excited! It was adorable. As an adult, you forget about the "magic" of the Christmas spirit.

She thought all of Matt and I's ornaments were cool. She knew exactly who I was in my younger pic, but she thought Matt was Liz's little boy, Dez! She's got my stocking with my name on it in her hand. A candy cane she made at preschool beside her and do you see a Ms. Monkey???

She was just sooo excited! Matt kept telling her to stop getting in the box without him. He's one of those who likes to spend like five minutes reminiscing on each ornament. Oh and always telling me there's a box missing. :-/


Look at the concentration...and the three ornaments all hanging together on the garland!

This is the angel from my tree when I was a small child. I'm pretty sure it's bad, but Matt always insists on putting it at the top of the tree. :-/

The two of them admiring their work...#lovemyAR

It's going to be a fun season!!! And I have the ultimate surprise for her next week, stay tuned...


Cecilia said...

So, so sweet! At least your husband helps? Lol. My husband has never really cared about the tree. He probably wouldn't notice if I didn't put it up. Lol.
The small boy loves putting the ornaments on himself. The first time, I rearranged them because they were all in one area, but he notices now, so I leave it be.
I can't wait to see what the surprise is!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Gotta love seeing Christmas through a toddler's eyes. She's such a sweetie!